Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grand Tudor~ Phase Two

~One of many window boxes~

The grand Tudor had several window boxes! The truth is, there were about 18 for this one home!

There were approximately 24 for the main house and 14 for one of the other homes. Then there were stone walls that were planted with more impatiens and bright geraniums.

During the winter months I spent days pouring over seed catalogs, ordering all of the seed for the annuals. Then there were the bulbs and perennials. I grew all of the seed at the gorgeous glass greenhouse and conservatory that had been shipped in pieces from England many, many years ago. It was a haven during the fall and winter. Once spring arrived it was tending thousands and thousands of seedlings.

There was a huge rock garden, a formal fenced garden, a formal rose garden, a cutting garden and many other smaller gardens. It was a huge job. I arranged flowers for the main house three times a week, watered, fertilized, dead-headed, clipped, picked, sprayed, weeded and always kept the greenhouse and conservatory in good order for visitors. There was one room in the greenhouse that was just orchids... no wonder I was in such terrific shape back then. Such worthwhile and satisfying work.

My son and I lived in one of the houses on the estate. During the quiet times of the year we would head to the bowling alley on the property and during warm weather there was a beach for us to use.
When I married my husband, we all lived there. It was an adventure- a wonderful atmosphere in which to raise my son and to start a new life.

~Stay tuned for the final phase...

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  1. What a fantastic experience! It seems you worked hard, but the fruits of your labor were all around you.

  2. I know your work was admired - all an unforgettable experience.
    The lady of the house was a wonderful teacher - an eccentric dame.
    Now, open up your posts and re-publish with today's date and note the time.
    Need any further help....just give a call.

  3. These illustrations are lovely Debra...looking forward to the next one, xv.

  4. it makes me want to see it in person. your love for it is evident.

  5. This is so much fun. What a sweet window!

  6. Great window and window into your life. Was this person you worked for famous or just very wealthy?

  7. What a delightful place to raise a child, and a lucky boy he is to have such a talented and green-thumbed mama!

  8. Love your stories and illustrations, Debra. I used to think it would be fun to be a gardener on an estate.

  9. Wow Debra what a great story!! I am doing just great as we head towards the June 26 wedding date. The festivities begin on June 17 with the arrival of Ron's daughter, also named Amy, followed in succeeding days by the arrival of many other family members.....

    We believe our wireless router at home has gone belly up that is why I can only check blogs at work (and I am supposed to be working). I miss my morning coffee blog visiting! Hopefully we will have the home computer issues resolved soon!!! xoxoxo

  10. Hello Debra! What a wonderful story you tell must be a stunning place to live and your illustrations are faboulous!!!
    Yes my garden is inside the walls and PAM is the right name of the supermarket!!!! I hope you'll come back!!!
    Have a nice week end and thank you for your so nice comment!!!
    Warm greetings

  11. Debra thanks for sharing. It is like a story out of a book or movie. The more you share the more I want to know. How fun to live in a magical place with your son. I love your illustration.
    Have a golden weekend! xoxo

  12. Oh gosh Debra, I'm exhausted just reading this post! You obviously worked extremely hard to give the garden the Debra touch, but what a magical environment to work (& play) in. I'm with Vicki A., so looking forward to the next installment.
    Millie ^_^
    Thanks for your lovely comments over @ The Hedge, so appreciated at the moment.


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