Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last fire of the season~

~The Last Fire- 'til Fall~

We love our fireplace and we use it- a lot! This past Sunday, the house quiet, the windows open and with a gentle rain falling, we decided to have our last fire of the season.

Some left-over white birch logs from a fallen tree gave us a warm, crackling fire. It's bittersweet to see this season come to a close. Warmer days and more time spent outside will take the place of sporting a warm sweater and sitting near the fire with a glass of wine.

Do you have any end-of-season rituals that bring back memories of seasons past- looking forward to what's ahead and lingering over thoughts of happy times spent?


  1. We sat outside and the air felt fresh and crisp and we spoke of how nice it felt, almost cold enough for a fire. If my husband were to have a blog, it would be all about logs, fire, chopping, building and making a proper fire. Our sons are experts. We enjoy fireside gatherings and s'mores. We have torches for outside, summer evenings, and a small fire pit to gather round.

  2. We too have a warm fire indoor for the long winters and for the cool summer nights a small firepit. It seems every year during the summer months we gather with friends and have a nice bon fire or two at someone's home.
    Many hugs coming your way my friend. xoxo....

  3. I have to say I'm hugely unoriginal when it comes to the end of a season rituals. I usually pack up the previous season's clothes and store them up in my closet. See, not nearly as exciting as a birch log fire :)

  4. I adore a fireplace, but alas...none for me. Not as common as I would like them to be in Fl.

  5. This is a beauitful post Debra! I love that you recoginized it as being the last one for the season - you will remember it so much more that way. I realized the other day my little boy is now at the age where we probably won't be taking baths together anymore and I wished so much that I had thought of that the last time we took one. Maybe I will sneak one more in ;)

  6. Great post Debra. We too acknowledge the last fire of the season with alittle James Taylor on the CD player and a dance.
    Oh, and I store our winter coats etc. (that's abit boring).

  7. PvE~ Maybe your sons can teach me. I can't keep one lit to save myself.

    Joyce~ I bet your fireside visits with friends are all warm and cozy...and something special to munch on!

    Julia~ Taking care of last season's clothes is a ritual. And one of accomplishment.

    Jae~ How about a beach-side bonfire? That would be lovely!

    littlebyrd~ Take one more bath-and make it fun. You will now have a nice fire outside with that snazzy new fireplace.

    Purple Flowers~ Not boring at all! Glad you make a special event out of your last fire too.

  8. Oh we are like you in that we love our fireplace and every opportunity we have a fire going. It just makes the house feel cozy. The last fire we had was only about a week ago and my husband and daughter roasted marshmallows and made s'mores inside...it was fun!

  9. Tricia~ I think we get to use our fireplaces a little longer than some, living where we do. The s'mores sound like fun---we should have done that!

  10. How I love fires too. I miss living in the Pacific Northwest and wearing a sweater. Better yet, an outdoor fire. No rituals here in TX; never seem to have a change of seasons like we are accustomed to. You brought back some great memories though!

  11. We ALMOST lit the fireplace on Saturday night. It had been a very gloomy, semi-rainy and chilly day. It was so chilly that I made a pot roast in the Crock Pot the next day. Oh the house smelled luscious!!

  12. How beautifully expressed Debra. We have definitely taken up where you guys have left off. Winter is really here now & our fire has been roaring 24hrs. a day for the past 3 weeks. Being a Summer girl, I actually love it when we do the the last fire of the Season, as that means Summer is here - YAY!!
    Millie ^_^


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