Friday, April 30, 2010

What to do~

~ Roll-of-the-dice ~

I'm putting my OCD tendencies to good use this week.
I'm doing my spring-purge!
So far, I have extra space, empty shelves and drawers. That will give you some idea of the amount of
'stuff' that I have tossed, donated or given away.
By this afternoon I will want to roll the dice and hope that it falls somewhere between

Have a hot bath and Cup of tea.
Happy Friday

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

10th Photo

~Please... Take Your Seat!~

Jeanne over at Collage of Life has tagged me to show my 10th Photo!
Now first things first- if you haven't yet visited Collage of Life~ do yourself a huge favor and do so.
Jeanne is also the creator of the new B-Well Report Blog.
If you're interested in joining a fun group for support in the journey to wellness, please consider joining us at B-Well!
~10th Photo~

The date of this post was January 23, 2009. My husband and I had just returned from Barack Obama's Inauguration in Washington.
It was cold out-very cold! We had been escorted to our seats and were settling in for the history-making event.
When the entrances were made and the swearing-in repeated, we were looking forward to having a great view of our new President giving his Inaugural address...
Just then a 'gentleman' stood so he could get a better view. His stance didn't really take away from our view, but it was mildly annoying.
Unfortunately the teleprompter interfered with our good view {if you look very closely you can see Mr. President's red tie just below the screen}.
Still, it was an amazing day, an amazing weekend. One that we won't forget.
The person being tagged must post the 10th photo that they personally took and posted on their blog.
Now I must tag 6 friends and ask that they please share this with us... pretty please!
Anne @ Annechovie
Patricia @ PVE Designs
Kwana @ Kwana Writes
*Thank you Ladies*

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Corner View~ Pets

Last summer, while I was in Maryland sea glassing we stayed with my childhood friend's daughter.
This is her wonderful pooch. He was the sweetest~ following children around as they played all day long and looking up in wonder as we ladies screeched with excitement over each smooth chard of sea glass.
I captured this photo just as he was tucked in for the night... all worn out.
I tried and tried to get Lucca and Pickle to hold still for a photo today...all I got was a couple of starry-eyed pups that looked like they were possessed by the up-coming full moon.
For more Corner Views head over to Jane's or Joyce's for a full list.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Lifescape~

I put the finishing touches on a Lifescape, had the prints made and shipped it off to Vancouver.
Lifescapes are full of personal memories... like a little girl's favorite snack of cucumbers ~
"tintoombers" and strawberries~ "strobabies".
This lucky young lady has already traveled the world with her family and on some pretty amazing school trips.

I had the pleasure of painting a Lifescape for her sister when she graduated a few years ago.

I have never met these young ladies, but I know a lot about them and have enjoyed working with their Aunt- who is giving the Lifescape to her special niece.

I now have a short break before I need to get started with a few other Lifescapes- one for a wedding, a 60th Birthday and a retirement.
I'm cleaning out cupboards, drawers and closets. Getting organized for a new season.
The trees have little leaves appearing, the lawns are green, spring flowers are in bloom...
and they are predicting SNOW for the higher elevations here in Maine.
So... how are things in your corner of the world?

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Touched by your words~

~My Mom's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies~

I am humbled by the number of emails, cards and warm thoughts expressed due to the passing of my dear Mother {in law}. I do loath the "in law' part of that title.

I suspect that there are Mothers-in-law that may be suited to be referred to as 'in law', but mine was not.

Jean was an amazing Mother, wife, sister, friend and Mother {in law}.

Unfortunately my own dear Mother and Jean never met. My Mom passed away just shy of a special visit by my husband's parents soon after we were married.

But Jean and my Mother shared many of the same special qualities of a Mom.

Both of these Moms were incredibly proud of the accomplishments of their children.
Both put family first.
Both were fabulous wives.
Both took great pride in being fit, trim and always 'put together'.
Both of these women enjoyed a great glass of white wine.
Both loved a day of shopping with their daughters.
Both shared the joyful innocence of an infant.
Both of these women could enter a room and leave it speechless.
Both found peace in Sunday Mass.
I could go on and on about these two women- the two women that have shaped my life.

The two women that I will be forever grateful for including as my role models.

The two women that will be forever missed and loved beyond measure.

~My Mother {in laws} Favorite Hot Fudge Sundae~
Love you and miss you~
I cannot post this without mentioning my former Mother-in-law.
Yes~ I was married many years ago to a man than has remained a good friend to my husband and me. He is the father of my only son and his dear Mom and I share a wonderful friendship.
I am Blessed with the most wonderful Mothers.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Strawberries...

The California strawberries are so plentiful right now that I can't help but pick up a box each time I go to the market!
Lately I've been having a strawberry smoothie for breakfast.
Into the blender:
A handful of washed strawberries
6 oz. of unsweetened almond milk
A drizzle of vanilla
Blend for 30 seconds.
Delicious and Filling
Have a great weekend
My own

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day ~ 2010

I remember the first Earth Day. It was spring break and I was in New York with my parents. We were visiting family and then looking at some schools on our way back to Maine. I remember seeing students raking and clearing trash from the side of the streets and highways.
So much has changed. Our earth is so beautiful how could we have covered her up with our trash? We have come a long way since that first Earth Day. And still...there is much more to accomplish.
For our children, for our grandchildren, for our Earth.
What will you do today to celebrate Earth Day?


Erath Day Google

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

B-Well Report

The lovely Jeanne from Collage of Life has invited all bloggers to join the B-Well Report. It's not only the title of her new blog, but a group that has formed to encourage and motivate health and wellness. I have been a follower and huge fan of Jeanne's blog~ Collage of Life for some time.

And just when we can all use a bit of a nudge- Jeanne has come up with this stellar idea of the B-Well Report {Blogger Wellness}. Read more here!

This fits in perfectly with Sande's {A Gift Wrapped Life} cycling challenge, which I posted about in my reent entry.

Somehow, making myself accountable to others has always worked for me. I have already received numerous emails from the other members. Women need other women in sisterhood.
I like being able to admit that I fell off the wagon and got into the chocolate without judgement.

We are responsible for so much-the kingpin of the family. It really is our duty to take care of ourselves and live the healthiest lives we can. So, I invite you to visit the B-Well Report. Maybe this is the gentle nudge to join a great group, share ideas, encourage and motivate into a new season of well-being.

Visit Jeanne's Blogs at Collage of Life and B-Well Report.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Other Mother~

*Update~ Jean passed away around midnight. We miss her beautiful spirit already.
I am spending the day walking, illustrating and remembering with love-the special times spent with this amazing wife, Mother and Mother-in-law.
Today will be a quiet post as we have only thoughts of my dear Mother~in~law.
She is starting her journey to her restful place.
Please keep our Jean in your prayers.
Read about Jean's special gift to me here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Gift-Wrapped Day

A few weeks ago Sande from A Gift Wrapped Life set up a cycling challenge for anyone with a bike-open to any and all that wanted to shape-up a bit for summer. Sande cycled every day and lost inches. She changed little else in her busy life-but she committed to cycling every day! Every day ladies. That's a commitment.

For years I went to the gym at 5:00 a.m.- five mornings a week. When you set to challenge yourself the outcome can be amazing.

Please... visit Sande's blog if you haven't. This lady knows her way around sheets of delicious paper and ribbons.
Sande gives to us- simply...

Think about it. Do you have a bike in your basement that may be collecting dust? Why not dust off the cobwebs and get out there.

The fresh air alone can work wonders.

~Visit Sande's Gift-Wrapped blog~

It's a whole new week.
And did I mention that Sande is holding a fabulous giveaway?
Go Now!

Photo Courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working Weekend and a Happy Birthday~

This is a working weekend here. We awoke to a bit of snow this morning, but it quickly melted away. After a few errands and preparing a pot of soup- it was back to work for me!

It's a perfect weekend to finish a couple of illustrations and stay close to home.
Now tell me~ what are you up to this weekend?
Happy Birthday to the very charming Mel at Reverie Daydream.
Happy Birthday darling- I do hope this day will be filled with special moments for you, McDreamy and little Crumb.

Save a cupcake and a glass of bubbly for me, won't you?

My own

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gothic love~

It's been a while since I've posted a photo of another great studio space.
You know how I adore tiny, cozy cottages-and this one is really just about perfection, wouldn't you agree?
Did you notice the pale blue porch ceiling?
I might have window boxes at each window, filled with red or pink geraniums and lots of trailing ivy. And I would have an American flag flying.
I'm curious~ would you like to have one of these sweet little get-away spots of your own?
What would you use it for?
Reading, painting, yoga, a guest house, afternoon naps?
Oh yes... one other item it would have~ a lock...on the inside!

My tiny house file
If anyone knows where it came from, please let me know so I may give credit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Corner View

Here are two sections of a recent Lifescape done for a lovely woman as a lasting memento upon the death of her Father.
The gentleman was very accomplished, played golf almost daily and was instrumental in the design of the very first Corvette by General Motors.

~My Corner View~

In my corner of the world, this has been my view. My drawing table, paints, clear water, and lots of personal information in which to incorporated into a Lifescape.
I apologize for the blurry photos. Lifescapes include some very personal information and I want to respect my client.
This is always a busy time for Lifescapes- there are upcoming engagement parties, weddings, graduations and retirements.
To see more Corner Views

Please visit Jane's sidebar here.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Art of eating~


I am apt to tell you on any given day that artichokes would be my favorite vegetable... or a fresh garden tomato... or roasted eggplant... or haricots verts with a tiny bit of garlic.

I do love all vegetables and especially artichokes. I have been eating one nearly every day for a couple of weeks. They are so good, so good for you and really, I could eat an entire meal of steamed artichokes with my lemon-Rosemary butter. No, you're right-not figure friendly, but honestly as much as I adore them, I only have them during the spring when they are at their best. Although, I have been known to pick up a couple of seriously poor impostors during the winter months. I have no idea where they are shipped from or how long they may have been in transit.


Plan ahead- Trim the tips of the artichoke leaves and steam approximately 45 minutes-depending on their size. Test by loosening a leaf and tasting.


For two large Artichokes:

Melt a half stick of butter {please use the real thing} salted!

with the juice of half a lemon

and chopped Rosemary leaves-about half a teaspoon.


Dip the leaves in the butter and enjoy. Then remove and toss the 'hairy' outer heart and cut-up the inner heart into the remaining butter.

This is sublimly known as euphoria around these parts!

my own

Thursday, April 8, 2010


~The Prelude to Summer Get-away~
As many of you know, I escape to the beach several times a year.
A little sun, sleeping-in, reading on the beach and plenty of alone time is sometimes just what the doctor orders.
So I'm going to finish up some work, pack a bag, load my bicycle and head out early Friday morning.
The forecast is for showers on Friday and then sunny the rest of the weekend.
I have my sunscreen and big straw hat.
Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here next week.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My-My-My Macarons~

Don't you love that sound when the mailman drives into your driveway and toots his little horn for you to come out?
That happened late last week. My husband was working from home that afternoon and he delivered this nice box to me while I was reading in the bedroom.

A pretty red Vanille box with my name written all over it!
I am pretty familiar with Italian cookies~ but these little pretties are decidedly French and I have never had a MACARON!!!
I am a lover of anything that resembles meringue and pavlova.
Macarons, with their delicate "meringue-ie" cookie, filled with butter creme were all that I had dreamt that they would be. And having given up sugar for Lent...I was ready to indulge!
~My Macarons~
This lovely, caring and thoughtful lady was solely responsible for my first Macaron experience.
Joyce is one of those people that picks up on small things and tucks them away.
She nurtures her friends and family.
Anyone that visits my blog has certainly visited A Perfect Beginning.
And if by chance you haven't- please do so now!
Her kind words, brilliant photography and wishes for golden days will have you returning again and again.
Thank you my friend.
They were amazing and that much sweeter because they came from you.

My own

Monday, April 5, 2010

Food, INC.

I know many of you have seen Food, INC.
Parts of it surprised me~ most of it didn't.
I would encourage you to watch it. It's an hour and a half.
Be prepared and then draw your own conclusion.
I don't preach about food or lifestyle choices.
I haven't eaten meat in nearly 20 year. I don't talk about it, I never expect special foods when we are invited to dinners. There is always a vegetable and or salad-I don't go without. And I don't feel deprived.
I take care to get plenty of protein and work with a holistic physician to balance out nutrients.
I was eating some organic turkey and chicken-not often.

Food, INC. is a good eye-opener on many levels.
~Food for Thought~
Love to know your thoughts.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday~

~Happy Easter * Happy Spring~
My own

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The Easter bunny has made a special delivery here for two cute kiddos.
For the artist- Squiggles- A Really Giant Drawing and Painting Book.
And for the cuddler~ A new Mickey Mouse friend.
The little guy carries one around constantly and Mom and Dad have asked for an endless supply.

~Easter Sweets~
Little plastic eggs filled with coins, treasures and chocolate candies.

~A special day to be Thankful...

My own

Friday, April 2, 2010


~Just my cup of tea~
I will return on Monday.
Happy Holiday weekend to all of my special friends.
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