Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey Sugar~

Lookie here what Mr. Postman delivered right to my door today! Joyce at A Perfect Beginning had a celebratory birthday give-away and I was one of the lucky winners. This sassy, little lime valise filled with iced sugar cookies was my winning gift. It was Joyce's birthday and she handed out candy and treats all week and finished the festivities with a give-away... This is a woman that knows how to celebrate a birthday- but then every day is a golden day when you have a Perfect Beginning.

Thank you Joyce~
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  1. Deb, I'm so impressed with all that you are doing on your blog! It is amazing and fun to follow you and your adventures with your art! You have a wonderful following and cool links-I look forward to more posts!


  2. Yahoo... Deb I'm so glad it arrived and it looks like in one piece. I hope you like them. Enjoy my friend! xoxo

  3. This looks like such a fun present, so bright and happy. Enjoy your weekend Deb, xv.

  4. I bet this made you feel so good when you opened it!
    Love to know what you will store in that box later?
    Of course, love that green color of that valise.

  5. Thanks Mary~ It's been so inspiring and I have made so many lovely friends.

    Joyce~ Like them? LIKE THEM??? All I can say is- Ration! Have a great weekend!

    Vicki~ I would love to bake cookies like these in your

    PVE~ I love when Mr. Postman comes to call! And he was very generous yesterday~ with cookies and envelopes to open. I think my little green valise will carry some very small and very treasured trinkets.

  6. What a wonderful surprise!!!! That Joyce is SO talented!

  7. How completely lovely! It was my dear darling Grammy's birthday today - 85, and your post seems to celebrate with us!
    Have a fabulous weekend my friend,

  8. Lucky you! What a perfect treat!

  9. Heidi~ Yes! Joyce is a sweetheart. Thanks for the visit.

    Mimi~ Happy Birthday to Grammy- if you were both close by, I would share my cookies!

    Kwana~ It's a great treat and the little bag- too many plans for one cute bag.

  10. How cool! Congratulations and enjoy, Debra!

  11. How adorable! A perfect gift full of bright surprises!

  12. Anne~ It's very cute and shall be filled with treasures!

    Karena~ And very good surprises indeed!

  13. YUM... and ADORABLE lime greem box with treats... ENJOY your weekend! Fifi

  14. That looks really really good! Enjoy!

  15. How much fun would it have been to get this in the mail!?!? -e


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