Sunday, March 1, 2009

Millie's Challenge~ My kitchen

In the kitchen~ looking into the den

The gorgeous Millie of The Laurel Hedge has challenged me to take you on a little tour of my kitchen~ and to tell you what I love ... and may not love about it.

My little hutch- filled with ironstone- note the gate, to keep pups out of the den...

~Cooking Central~

Coffee station~ The most important part of the kitchen!

~Breakfast area~

Our kitchen is small but fairly efficient. In a perfect world I would have a lovely, functional, chef's kitchen. I do love to cook. Since moving to this much smaller home I have had to keep only the things that I use regularly and make the most of my limited space.

My kitchen is bright with the morning and late afternoon sun and even though I wish it were larger, it suits our needs and is easy to maintain. As this challenge came in we had just said "Good Night" to dinner guests- so the timing was there...

1~ What color is your kitchen? Black and white

2~ Describe your kitchen. Small but cozy and calming

3~ Describe your dream kitchen. BIG

4~ Fave activity in kitchen. Cooking and making cupcakes with Erin

5~ Name one thing it is lacking/missing. Space and refrigerator (it's in the entryway as you enter the kitchen- we chose to have the wine keeper in the kitchen...priorities you know!

6~ Do you cook or bake a lot? Cook~ alot!

7~ What don't you like and what would you change? Not enough counter space and I would love
another window.

8~ What do you love about your kitchen? That my Mom once prepared wonderful family
dinners here.

9~ Worst kitchen activity? Cleaning up

10~ Tea or coffee? Hands down- coffee! Tea in the afternoon.

11~ Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate~ dark, please.

12~ Do you like to prepare food- or eat it? Both

13~ Do you prefer to serve meals in the kitchen or dining room? Dining room~ I love my
dining room~ but that's another post!

Now I challenge~

1~ Lecia~ at A Day That Is Dessert~ because she had such a way with a camera and I suspect
she loves to cook.

2~ Joyce~ at A Perfect Beginning~ because she has photographed some amazing dishes.

3~ Seleta~ at Simply Seleta~ because this gal has style and sass!

~I would love to hear about your kitchen and what makes it the heart of your home.~


  1. What a heart of your home. I would love to see you illustrate it, with something cooking on the stove and you and Erin making something sweet.

  2. Thanks for showing us this part of your home! And thanks for the mention.

  3. Good things come in small packages Debra! Your kitchen is just as gorgeous as I knew it would be. Thank you so much for taking up the challenge. Everything is so warm & inviting & the sight of all those candles flickering on the mantle in your Dining Room is simply wonderful!
    Millie ^_^

  4. a little joy awaits you - to make a perfect beginning to you day...
    hint, hint!

  5. I loved seeing your kitchen Debra and I am posting mine this week - when I get around to tidying up and taking some snaps! Thank you for visiting French Essence and your thoughtful comment, xv.

  6. Deb, I love your kitchen, beautiful! I have been thinking of painting ours (again) all white. I have been seeing so many white kitchens lately and it is catching my eye. When you mentioned your mom use to cook in the kitchen, are you living in the home you grew up in?
    Thank you for including me in your kitchen challenge. It isn't anything fancy, but it is our heart of the home and I'll join in the fun. xoxo
    P.S. Congrats on the cookies party favors.

  7. PVE~ Snowing here~ would be a perfect day for cupcakes with Erin. Perhaps soup or stew. Maybe I'll sew on a few missing buttons today.

    Lecia~ Love to have a peek of where you create those delicious dishes.

    Millie~ What can I say-timing is everything. It is cozy... especially nice on a snowy Monday!

    Vicki~ I look forward to visiting your kitchen~ French Essense is such a welcomed respite.

  8. Thank YOU Sugar! Joyce, I know that your kitchen will be one of love and great dishes.
    Would love to see it if you can join in.
    I plan an email later today. Hope it's Golden for you!

  9. Your kitchen is lovely. Thanks for the tour.

  10. Kwana~Thank you- I do appreciate each visit and comment.

  11. What a FUN tag! I love my ktichen... it is where everyone wants to gather during parties... it could be the fact that I like to put appetizers on the center island... hmmmm
    I always have all cooking done before guests arrive so I don't mind them milling around in the kitchen during parties.

  12. I'd like to be at a soiree such as this~ I bet your kitchen is ooh~la~la!
    Thank you for the visit Fifi.

  13. Loved seeing your kitchen. Black and white kitchens are my favorite. Thank you for the kind words as well. Wishing you well, LC

  14. LC~ Thrilled to see you were back. Do stop by again when the dust settles.

  15. How do you LOVE that coffee maker? I have a coffee station as well, and I am in LOVE with that coffee maker! Love your kitchen!


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