Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Priceless Art~


During a recent visit our young Granddaughter Erin went to her art cupboard that we keep stocked for her. She brought out little snippets of this and that. There was colorful paper, a paper punch, glue, stickers, tiny wooden sticks, crayons and colored pencils. She focused on this piece for at least a couple of hours- gluing, removing things when they didn't quite suit her and repositioning until it was just as she wanted it.


It is displayed in a place of honor. This is more precious than riches to her Mimi and Pop-Pop. Don't you love the texture, the use of color? We encourage her with plenty of supplies and we set aside special, creative playtime when she visits. During one extended visit, while Mom and Dad were on vacation, we took her to a local museum. She was quite taken with the colorful displays and the interactive areas especially for young children. We think Erin to be somewhat gifted in the arts and to us- this piece is priceless.

"Every child is an artist, The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up". Pablo Picasso

"I could do art all day". Cameron~ Age 5

"I love art because I can impress myself". Fourth Grader

Do you have a young person close to you that enjoys the creative process? Do you know of books appropriate for very young children that may inspire~ I would love to hear from you.


  1. Perhaps you should write a book! It looks like you know how to inspire very young artists - Erin must take after you.

  2. I see an inspiring artist here! This is so cute! I like how she combined the colors, shapes and sizes. I adore children's artwork. How fun to be able to share the love of art with her.

    I love the Pablo Picasso's quote.

    Whenever I see any of my CASA kids (I did this with my own nieces and nephews when they were little) showing a tiny interest in art. I go out and buy a sketch pad and either color pencils, watercolor etc...

    Thanks Deb for sharing!xoxo

  3. She is very creative and definitely thinking outside the box! MY grandaughter Isabella loves to come to Mimi's because we have "Art Time" with any supplies she wants to use (except oil paints) We are well stocked with acylics, watercolors, colored pencils, papers canvases etc! Sometimes we paint at home, and sometimes we go to Open Studio at ARTichokes Gallery

  4. R~ Thanks for the compliment...isn't Erin's work it fabulous?

    Joyce~ Us too! Lots of srt supplies in the house-so she can experiment.

    Karena~ Oh show us Isabella's work, please! And are you a Mimi too?

  5. That is so wonderful that you foster this creativity with Erin and affirm her in her creativity. That's so important to have such loving and wonderful grandparents.

  6. Hi Debra!! Nice post.... but... could you make your font size a bit larger (for your Senior Citizen readers) pretty please and thanks.... xo

  7. Ina~ I sure will- I'm right there with you! This was an error- so sorry!

  8. Oh Thanks so much Debra!!! Soon I will be able to read your posts better!! xo

  9. Out of the mouths and hands of babes! Love it!
    Creating at any age keeps each of us feeling more like babes.
    Please tell Erin, I shall attend her first gallery show.

  10. Her concentration is inspiring for me. She seems happiest when creating- sound familiar?

  11. I love it when our nieces and nephews come by and bring their drawing they made especially for us. We have this whole refrigerator wall of Fame full with arts and crafts projects.

    I especially love the version of The last supper by Davici that Jack nephews draw for us a few weeks back for us. It was a mixtere of The last supper and Pokemon.

  12. Oh~ How wonderful that you display their work-and doesn't it bring you such joy that it's done just for you?

  13. It looks like a lovely colorful boat! Perhaps she should open her own Etsy store?
    Some great books for kids I've designed:
    check out activity books for kids at www.peterpauper.com

  14. Hi Debra,

    Yes it brings much joy it's Priceless that look on those little faces when they can hang something new on the fridge.

    Have a great and sunny weekend!

    gr. Mel


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