Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mom's Blue and White

My late Mother had a beautiful collection of Blue Willow and all dishes Blue and White. Some are very collectible and some were little more than just pleasing to her eye. She and my Dad had a small antique business and throughout the years they amassed a large collection.

There are serving pieces, tiny cup plates, several place settings, a chocolate set, coffee and tea pots. After my Mother passed away, my Dad would wrap up a special piece of Blue and White at Christmas and the tag always read~ To- Deb, From- Mom, With Love.

The collection is now part of my home. I use it often and each piece is well-worn and well-loved.
A table set with plaid napkins and these lovely dishes look especially warm and festive during the holidays. As spring arrives- I bring out shades of periwinkle and apple green and the whole table looks like a cheery Easter basket.

Has someone dear passed down or gifted you with something precious? I would love to hear about your gift and maybe a story of how it has come to live, much loved- with you.


  1. Oh what a lovely collection. Each time I visit my Mother, I always inspire her to give me a part of her when I leave, in the hope that I will see her again. The things that she gives to me are a treasured.
    She takes great delight in knowing that I honor and cherish them.
    It is obvious you do too.

  2. Like Patricia, my Mother has given me special little items that she has always loved. The photographs she has passed down mean so much, and now Dad is making us a yearly calendar at Christmas and he puts images from his and Mom's youth on it.

    Debra, your Willow set is wonderful, blue and white is always a classic.

  3. PVE~ Would love to share a cup of tea with you anytime. Family things are a Life~Preserver I think. Keeping alive the memories of a time gone by.

  4. Karena~ Your Dad sounds adorable- what a clever idea for the holidays. I would imagine that you treasure those calendars from year to year. Thanks for the visit.

  5. Your Mom's blue and white is gorgeous. B&W is such a happy classic color combination. Thanks for inviting me by, I'm glad I came, and am pleased to meet you.


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