Friday, June 18, 2010

Loveliness from Mimi Charmante

The lovely and oh so chic Kimberly, creator of the fabulous blog, Mimi Charmante~ recently held a giveaway. I was the beyond lucky winner! I have been a follower and fan of 'Mimi's' blog for as long as I've had my own blog.

This beautiful Mom of four sons {instant Sainthood} is a talented photographer, as you can see here with my new prints!

She also knows her way around dressing up a lovely home.

If you haven't, please visit here and then cruise around until you find some interior shots of this family home!

This past April she went back to France with friends and was able to connect with a very special blog buddy. Lucky for us, when she returned~ Kimberly shared her adventures {and there were some adventures} with us. I dread the day that she has exhausted the gorgeous photos and stories of her wonderful trip!
This incredible parcel arrived on Thursday. Three of Kimberly's beautiful prints of her trip, and a few of her cupcake notes! Now I want her real thing- can those be sent across the country Kimberly???

I'm heading out Saturday to look for some vintage frames for my prints and know just where they will hang.
There was a little package of French verse confetti and a couple of her lovely business and calling cards. Which I will add to my ever-growing collection of special cards!

Thank you my sweet friend~
You definitely took the sting out of a busy week.

~Now..... back to those cupcakes..."

My images of Kimberly's Photographs


  1. Deb, I can smell those cupcakes baking in the next room :)...I would love to pop in and see Mimi's work up close..what a lovely package.
    Lucky you!!

    Enjoy those cupcakes :)



  2. Debra,
    do you know that you were one of the very first people I "met" when I began blogging? you have been such a dear friend these past two years and I honestly am always thrilled when I see an email from you in the box! I am so happy that you liked the prints, and hope you know how much I appreciate this sweet post. thank you my friend~
    bon weekend,

  3. Debra, so beautiful!! A lovely gift from a very special friend!!

    Art by Karena

  4. There is nothing quite like a package in the mail along with roses on one's table. I just treated myself to some roses and somehow with every glance, they bring me joy. So lovely, your package of french joi de vivre!

  5. You are a lucky girl...I hope you find some beautiful frames for them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a lovely giveaway to win Debra, I've also been following "Mimi's" tales of her trip to France. The cards look beautiful.

  7. How fabulous! Will check her blog out now!

  8. What a lovely giveaway. Congratulations on being the lucky one! I'm off to check your friend's blog.
    Have a great weekend! ~ Sarah

  9. they are wonderful. have a great weekend debra!


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