Friday, June 11, 2010

Quinoa~ {Keen-wah}

~Quinoa Salad~

Last night I made a delicious quinoa salad.
Diced red onion, yellow and orange peppers and cucumbers.
Add lots of fresh sliced strawberries, chopped raw almonds and some grape tomatoes.
A drizzle of ginger dressing and you have a healthy, light meal.
I also added lots of fresh chopped herbs~ parsley, dill, basil, tarragon and chives!

Sorry- my camera batteries were dead- so I got this image online. My salad looked so much better than this. It really did! This one appears to have some diced chicken in it which would also be a good source of protein.


Read about the benefits of quinoa here.

Quinoa~ {pronounced Keen-wah}

Not a grain- actually it's a seed. Related to the spinach family.
Quinoa has a wonderfully nutty flavor that is very versatile.
It is a great source of protein and fiber and contains the essential amino acids.
It's high in calcium, potassium, iron and zinc among other important nutrients.
It really is a 'complete food'.
I don't follow a recipe for this type of salad. I use whatever I have in my refrigerator- but the fresh strawberries really add something special.

I always make extra quinoa to have on hand. It's works well in soups and stews and I spoon it onto leftover veggies for breakfast...
So, if you haven't tried quinoa- head to your health food store and pick some up.

Rinse the seeds with cold water and let it come to a slow boil then reduce it to a simmer for about 13 minutes.

I used 1 cup of quinoa to 2 1/4 cups water.

A light rinse under cool water and it's ready to use.

Give quinoa a try- I think you'll like it!

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Read all about it here!

google salad search


  1. I love it, I served it at my daughter's First Communion and everyone loved it and wanted to know what it was? I like sharing new things too.
    Thanks for always sharing healthy good things!
    (raw pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top are yummy too)

  2. Deb...this sounds delicious! I love the sound of a ginger do you create yours? All perfect for lazy summer afternoons and perhaps a crisp, cool pinot gris to top it off???

    Have a wonderful weekend Deb!!

    Fingers crossed for lots of sunshine :)


  3. Debra...this sounds so delicious....I will be adding it to my summer repertoire of light meals for al fresco dining. As always thanks for sharing!
    ~ Michelle

  4. Looks delish. I may give it a try.

  5. Sounds so yummy! I love salads during the summer especially! Have a wonderful weekend.

    PS any word from our friend- Joyce?

  6. That salad looks yummy!

    I too love quinoa and it is important to rinse the seeds before cooking to remove the bitter coating called saponin. Makes a huge difference. Quinoa is rinsed before packaging but it is best to do it again before cooking with it. You will notice sudsy bubbles if you briefly soak quinoa in a bowl before tossing it into a fine mesh strainer. Those sudsy-ish bubbles are the saponin resudue. That residue could be added to your washing machine when you do a load of laundry!!! Beets are also in the quinoa family. Oh I am a fountain of useless info today!

    I saw the Frau's comment about Joyce. I too am becoming a bit concerned about Joyce. I even called her cell phone and left her a voice mail.... xoxoxo

  7. I hang my head! I've never tried it.
    But you have inspired me to do so! Perhaps this weekend!

  8. Deb ~
    Quinoa is my go-to favorite for lunches and just a quick snack! I also love just adding leeks and cranberries tossed with olive oil and sea salt! The strawberries sounds divine in yours!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Hi,

    We have a friend from Peru where this seed is very commom, she told me that there they feed babies with quinoa and milk.

    I cook it with home made chicken stock and then I add the ingredients, the consome makes all the difference!!!

  10. Debra, a yummy delicious salad!! Sounds so refreshing and healthy!

    Art by Karena

  11. hi debra!
    you are just the boost i need to get moving on opening the bag of red quinoa that has been sitting in the pantry waiting, waiting, waiting ...
    well, wait no more, thanks to you!
    your recipe sounds super yummy and fresh ...
    sunshine to my day ~ thanks again!
    have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. Great post (again) love this grain, have some salad in the fridge now, but your tips are more than helpful, thanks!


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