Friday, June 4, 2010

Thanks Jeanne... and a Giveaway!

~ Jeanne ~

What is any better than blatant self promotion? When a good friend is taken with your illustrations and creates a post about them!
My sweet and gorgeous friend Jeanne posted about my Lifescapes here.
If you haven't visited Jeanne ~ please do so now.

I am lucky to be a co-conspirator with her fabulous brain-child
Please come visit us there also and make it part of your daily blog visits. We are treading our way to better overall health and well-being. We would love to hear from you.
It amazes and thrills me daily that we meet and connect with such wonderful people through blogging. I just know that I will meet some of you in person one day.

To celebrate the summer, good friends and what blogging has meant to me, I am holding a giveaway!
My gift to you will be a personal 11" X 14" Lifescape.
All you have to do is visit Jeanne at Collage for Life. Leave her a comment and then come back to me and tell me what your Lifescape would include and become a follower.
~Would you want a Lifescape about your life?
~A special surprise gift for a friend or relative?
~Would it contain all of the memories of a special holiday or vacation?
You get to chose~ it's your Lifescape!

Read all about Lifescapes here:

Thanks Jeanne~

This giveaway will close on Sunday June 13 and the winner chosen randomly.

P.S..... If you mention my giveaway on your blog, you will receive an extra entry.


  1. Wonderful posts you two!!! If I were to have a Lifescape it would have poodles, mountains, ocean and a woman with purple chunks in her hair!! xoxoxo

  2. A lifescape for life for me would be all about my family. That would be the best!

  3. What a wonderful post. Mine would be about family, the twins, driving them in my car (practically live there. LOL), Jack, my home, NY, fashion and my dream of being a published author.

  4. Debra, Of course I adore your works of art!! I would have a map of the places I have traveled to and land me right back here in Kansas City with my family!

    Art by Karena

  5. Your work is beautiful. I would love a Lifescape depicting my family in the summer at a lakeside cabin.

  6. Whoa.....Deb! I just popped onto my computer for a quick check and had to do a double take! You are too sweet..!! Can I enter too???
    There are endless possibilites for Lifescapes. A 21st birthday (my son), an 80th birthday (mother-in-law), romantic lifescapes (hubby and wife thru the years), family travel lifescapes and how wonderful would it be to create a lifescape around one's blog...the possibilities are endless. What a great gift and wonderful way to remember those special moments...I could keep you busy for a very long time!!

    Great giveaway!!!


  7. HI Debra
    Just popped over from Jeanne's to say hello.. Well I love your work.. so clever and talented.. and I imagine lots of patience too!! Thanks for the chance in your wonderful giveaway.. I think I'd had to either focus on my best memories.. travel.. or.. those dreams not fulfilled yet.. would make a wonderful incentive to reach my goals.. Have a lovely weekend.. xx Julie

  8. Hi Debra, well if that's not the giveaways to end all giveaways I don't know what is! How incredibly special to have parts of your life documented in such a way. I've had a really lucky, lovely life with a few bumps along the way. I'd love something that captured that...but it would need to be very big!! Whoever wins, it will be very special. Thank you so much for sharing your skill.

  9. Well Debra,

    This is amazing, yesterday evening after reading Jeanne's article, I said to my husband that I would love to commission a lifescape from you - they are such a charming idea.

    And now voila !! So, yes please, definitely count me in, I would love to win this giveaway.

    I think you're going to be swamped with orders!


  10. Debra! I had no idea you created these wonderful pieces! I've been coming here so long, too! These are just amazing, and my fingers are crossed for the giveaway. Ideally, my lifescape would include one of my trips to Scotland, which is the place I feel most at home in the world.
    And maybe we'd include Edward, as he never gets to go!!

  11. This is amazing! What a gorgeous, generous, and fantastic giveaway! I was captivated by these when I saw Jeanne's post (isn't she the sweetest?) and bookmarked your page. And now a giveaway!?! Hurray! I would either pick one for my dad or our little family. I think I am leaning towards the one for my dad... hmmm ... I hope I am lucky enough to "have" to choose!

  12. I Love your work and would like to order from you, I can't access your e-mail via your blog. Do you have a web page? Can you e mail me your info please. My info is

    Thank you

  13. Oh, what beautiful posts. The ideas and execution is so lovely...I would love a collage of my life and important people and things in it.
    Selfish, I know. But, I am so inspired by this!

  14. Debra,
    Mine would be all about living an artful life! I have always loved drawing, painting, going to museums while being a Mom, Wife, and friend...I would want a phone for long distance friends. There would be plenty of art books, brushes, pads and bowls of fresh fruits and the ready and some pretty bottles of wine to share. I think it would need to look somewhat like party, a happy one. Travel, trips, my favorite chair and my family and dog nearby.
    My art make many so happy and yours would truly make me tickled pink. You know I would need lots of green!

  15. Thank you for your post, I can't imagine what is going on, do you have an e-mail that I could contact you...a bussiness e mail maybe.

  16. These are amazing. Thank you for offering this give-away. My lifescape would include my travels to France and the UK. Oh, and there would be masses of roses and lavender! Thankyou

  17. Hello Debra !
    Your work is really very good !
    I would like to saw more....
    Thanks for your comment on my last post... it is pleasant to draw with
    another person, sometimes I realize watercolors with my sister !
    Have a nice day !

  18. Is me again...I sent an e-mail...and I hope is yours...I would love to find out price and some details of your work...



  19. What an amazing giveaway. I have always tried to make a lifescape-type drawing/map of our cottage which is on its own 11 acre island in Georgian Bay in Canada. I could never make it work though, because I lacked enough artistic talent to satisfy my desire, so that is what I would have my lifescape done of, if I were to win. Thank you so much. I just became a follower.

  20. Debra - this is a great and special giveaway. There are so many fun items to mention, my list would be long. So, I'll make this short - I would love a lifescape for either myself or my best girlfriend Joanne, who recently moved into her own house! How exciting...
    You are a very generous person.

  21. So, thanks to you I visited Jeanne's site and then, after leaving her a comment, realized that she may be someone from my dear friend Ange's blog comments! This whole blogging world is so incredibly small sometimes...
    So, OF COURSE I would want a lifescape of our little life full of boys here on the farm. What a dream gift that would be!
    Aannnddd... the reason I am here today is that I thought you might like to visit this afternoon as your name came up this morning...

  22. Your illustrations are lovely - what a great idea! I visited Jeanne's site and left a comment there for my chance to win a Lifescape. Pink roses, knitting, baking would all be part and parcel of my life in illustration. :)

  23. What a delightful time I have had visiting your friends beautiful blog, seeing yours, and looking at the lifescapes. They are so sweet. I became a follower of both of your lovely blogs.

    I'd love a lifescape on the theme of "my favorite things."

    Your creativity is inspiring.

  24. I love these lifescapes. If I had one it would be my whole family playing at the beach. I have 6 grandchildren and they are never in one place at a time, let alone the adult children. Miles, mountains and jobs keep us apart. It is our dream to rent a cottage as soon as the babies are a bit older and just enjoy each other.
    I am a follower of your lovely blog.

  25. Debra: I feel like I have seen your work somewhere else, but not sure where? Your art is absolutely arresting ~ I LOVE it! Now, to dream.... I would have a lifescape about my current house and yard, the lakes nearby, my children, hubby and dog....all the things that I love and cherish. I will be following you and your work! xx Suzanne

  26. What a wonderful idea. Your work is gorgeous. My lifescape would have to include my family, Christmas, travel and good food.

    I'm adding you to my list of blogs to follow. Definitely.

  27. So happy to know about Collage of Life - thank you for sharing. I am a fan of your work so I would love a lifescape of my home and children that of course, would also include Senor Pablo & Franklin. I have been lucky lately, so I hope my "luck" holds out!
    Warm regards,

  28. I'm thrilled to find both you ladies and your wonderful blogs. I'd be thrilled if I should win one of your lifescapes. My husband and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in August. If I were the lucky one, I'd have you include special moments from those years. Thanks for entering my name. ~ sarah

  29. I added myself as a follower and also subscribed to your feed. Look forward to more visits here. I've also added you to my blog roll on my sidebar. Happy Summer Sunday! ~ Sarah


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