Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Sundays

~ Sunday ~
Today we will be off on a jaunt with a special little girl.
Mackworth Island~Portland, ME
First, we will read this delightful book.
by Tracy Kane

Then a quick stop for this...

Then to Mackworth Island to visit all of the Fairy Houses and the Pet Cemetery.

I'll be taking plenty of photos.

And return with a full report.

Later this evening, a light strawberry salad for dinner...

...and our evening will end with this~
and a very tired little girl crawling into bed after a fun filled day on the coast of Maine visiting Fairy Houses~ what could be more fun for a little girl of five?
my own


  1. Dunkin Donuts coffee with milk, yes please! I will also take one or maybe two sugar crullers..can I do that as a B-Weller?

    What a wonderful day Deb...I love fairies and these little houses are so curious. I am thinking that a strawberry salad is perfect for today..and what could be better than toasted marshmallows...maybe all that with a mojito:)

    Have a wonderful day could you not with a five year old!


  2. Wish you could join us Jeanne. I think there just may be some chowder for lunch!!!

  3. I look forward to the day I have a 5 year old grandchild to spoil, to hug, to show life's goodness and to be there for falls and scrapes along the way. I admire all you do with such sweetness.

  4. Isn't life fun with little granddaughters. I am blessed to have 4. They are 7, 4, 4, and 18 months. Please share your pictures of your adventure.

  5. Debra I cannot think of a more marvelous day even if you were a girl of 50! Truly a special day for your sweet granddaughter to always remember.

    Enjoy every second ~

  6. You are a wonderful Grandmother to show your little girl fairy houses. I love them too, and I am far from five years young. Your entire day sounds lovely. I am sure you will have lots of fun making memories!

  7. Wonderful pictures and just the kind of day trip I would enjoy. I know a little girl who will have such happy and sweet memories. I loved going places with my Grandmothers. A favorite excursion was to the holiday extravaganzas at Radio City Music Hall!! I always wanted to grow up and be a Rockette. .....

    That strawberry salad looks divine....Looking forward to seeing pictures of your day.

  8. Sounds fabulous Debra, hope you and your Granddaughter had a wonderful time.

  9. Sounds like a perfect Summer day! Have fun and take lots of pictures.

  10. Debra, a perfect day indeed!! I adore spending time with my grandchildren, Isabella, Sal Sarah and Jessica!

    Art by Karena

  11. Sounds like THE perfect day, from start to finish!

  12. Lucky little girl to have YOU as her grandmother! And the Fairy book looks great!

  13. What a lucky little girl! This place sound magical! I'll look forward to photos. I'm a Texas girl who loves the New England coast. Wish I could tag along. ~ Enjoy!

  14. i really love your fairy houses.i am in the process of making a fairy far it is looking great.


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