Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stand Tall~

My Mother was a stickler for good posture! Growing up she was constantly reminding my sister and I of the importance of good posture...shoulders back-standing tall.

Early ballet classes helped to drive that plea home. After years of seeing a fabulous chiropractor and the reminders of my dear Mother- I know and FEEL the importance of keeping the shoulders back and opening up my spine.
I start private Pilates sessions next week and am very excited to be starting something new and challenging.
After several private sessions I'm sure I will feel comfortable joining the classes-but for now, I'm looking forward to having this time all to myself.
Did I mention that standing tall with good straight posture also takes pounds off our appearance? Just one of the few benefits of standing tall.

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  1. Hi Debra: I am in total agreement w/straight and upright posture. There are many benefits to it, and one sie benefit is that it makes one's clothes look like they fit better.
    P.S. I have that statue (replica of course) of the Ballerina by Degas. She beautiful and I look at her everyday.

  2. I totally have Pilates on the brain. Enjoy your class.

  3. I am your mother reincarnate!
    My kids know my mantra, stand up straight, sit up tall, "it's good for you!"
    Off to yoga-

  4. My parents put in in Horse riding lessons to help my posture... equestrian riding worked for me but I would of much rather done ballet.

  5. posture.

    good posture makes us feel good.
    'posturing' can be bad though.

    love xx

  6. I so needed a reminder, Debra! Thank you - I have a long waist, so I tend to slump over and I know it's terrible for me. Hope you are well, Sweetie! xo

  7. Debra...I study with a very special pilates teacher....she melds pilates, yoga, and somatics in a wonderful and unique way. Her cue to us is often
    L E N G T H E N.... hope you like pilates ... stick with it ... it is a journey....
    ~ Michelle

  8. Deb, you are spot on with this one. Posture makes all the difference along with the right breathing techniques.

    It makes all the difference in how you look, I just wish I could remember all the time!

    Another great post!!

    jeanne :)

  9. Standing tall? I'm 6'4" tall. I can't help it!

  10. Found your blog via Kim at Mimi Charmante. Love your art, love your words! (Can't wait for Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love - and finally reading the book!)


  11. It is the one thing that I wish I did - pilates that is. Sometimes I go but not regularly enough. It is so true that posture makes all the difference, xv.

  12. My mother too would always correct my posture. You will love Pilates....once I took it I was hooked. It strengthens all of your muscles. Enjoy!

  13. I need to pull myself up more frequently Debra - in more ways than just posture I think! Good posture also has a beneficial effect on efficient lung function too.
    Millie ^_^

  14. oh, you are so right ... everything just falls into place when you have a strong core and shoulders back posture ...
    i am constantly reminding myself to pull my shoulders back to allow the air to enter my lungs more freely ...
    because we live in the country and it just isn't feasible to travel to town for an exercise class, i have been doing the wii-fit exercises and i wouldn't have believed it, but they do work!
    your pilates class sounds so wonderful ~ a way to really focus on just you ... very happy for you!
    smiling and sitting straight ~
    prairiegirl xo


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