Monday, January 5, 2009


I am so grateful to those of you that have taken the time to post comments and send emails.
I have chosen this post to answer a couple of the questions brought up to me.

First of all, I apologize if sending a comment has presented any problems. My support team has been looking into this and so far we aren't finding any bugs~ any suggestions are appreciated.

To those that have asked to see more of my work... it's coming. The work on my Lifescapes is very small. The camera I am using is just not picking up the detail~ this means I get to treat myself to a new camera... again- any suggestions, most helpful. Patricia at PVE and A Day That Is Dessert both take the most wonderful photos to post- and they have shared some possibilities with me. And... if by chance you haven't been by to visit these ladies- go now! They do not disappoint.

So please, keep checking in~ I hope to be able to post at least portions of my Lifescapes on a regular basis. I big "Thank-You" for welcoming me into this arena.


  1. I love a good stone. On Block Island, I love the rocks there. Must look to find a heart stone. As far as the camera, pick the one that works best for you. I am loving my I-phone. It is so easy~
    You are doing a great job blogging btw!

  2. Love these, Debra! Thanks for your comment on my blog - great to have you visit!

  3. Patricia~ Be careful... you won't be able to stop with just one stone! Thank you for your suggestions, help and kind words.

  4. annechovie~ Thank you for stopping by.
    I love my visits with you.

  5. Debra, these heart stones are wonderful. I have a friend who only collects perfectly round stones and I am always on the lookout for her. Thank you for stopping by French Essence today, xv.

  6. ...and Thank-You for visiting me Vicki.
    Hmmmm... now, round stones would be a fun collection to start.

  7. Debra- I LOVE your heart rock collection! Heart are one of the many things I love! There is something to special about stones and rocks too.

    You have listed two great gals that will be able to help you. They are the best!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'll be back.

    Have a golden one!


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