Monday, January 5, 2009

Live Your Best Life~

Oprah inspires again~ On this afternoon's show Oprah talks openly about her weight gain and how she lost the balance in her life. If you didn't tune in, you can see highlights here.

As we age, I think we all understand that we need to exercise more and eat less. Easier said then done, right?

I find that journaling my daily life and what I consume help to keep me focused.

When I "fall-off-the-wagon", I try to pick myself up and get back on~ but it can be a difficult task.
So, this is a woman that is loved by many, has no financial concerns, and leads a full and generous life. Perhaps some of us will take a lesson from Oprah- "it's not about things, it's not about food, it's not about money". It's more about surrounding yourself with those that have a positive attitude, finding balance, and looking back on your life's experiences, and learning from them. For me, it's also about giving myself permission to fall-off-the-wagon and to feel o.k. with failure every now and then.

What do you do to help create balance in your life? And how do you get back on track - when you fall-off-the-wagon?


  1. More hearts!

    I did see Oprah this morning. It actually had me in tears to feel her pain. She is one of the wealthest, has a live-in trainer, personal chef etc... and when it comes down to it she is just like any of us.

    When I fall. I allow myself to sit there and cry over the dirt on my knees. Depending on the circumstances I might stay down longer, but I get right back up brush the dirt off my knees and move on. Tomorrow will always be brighter.
    Great post!

  2. I just do my best to remember that every day is a new one!! I do feel for Oprah, though. It has to be so difficult to live in such a public way, warts and all!! I'm pulling for her!!

  3. It is a balance and also life is to be lived and enjoyed. Discipline works for me. I try during the week to eat well and on the weekend, increase my exercise so that the slice of tarte tatin feels like a reward.
    Living like a "European" eats also works well. My Mother at 102 pounds says, "Everything in moderation!" Wise words to live by! She is also in her 80's.

  4. Joyce~ Yes, sometimes when we fall, it may take a while to get back at it. A good pat on the back can help.

    Pamela~ True words~ Tomorrow is a whole new day! I'm cheering her on too.

    PVE~ Your Mother is a wise woman. I sense that balance in your life. A good reminder-small tastes that satisfy.

  5. It really goes to show you how tough weight maintenance is for some (including me!) when you have every possible resource and you still go awry.

    Its nice she shares her trials with her viewers although Im sort of over her weight loss rollar coaster. I wish she would just accept herself as she is. Makes me sad to think someone so sucessful and loved as Oprah can't find peace with herself.

  6. Interesting post - I try to think of tomorrow as a new day; one foot in front of the other.

  7. Mrs. Limestone~ I can relate to some of what Oprah talks about- but I know for me, sometimes I just over-indulge,like during the holidays. And it goes no deeper than just wanting to taste those yummy treats that you may get only once a year! So glad you came by.

  8. A Day That Is Dessert~ Absolutely! Each day is a new beginning. Looking forward to what your little guys will be up to next.


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