Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking Out My Window~

Sometimes you read a story that touches you so, you can barely think of anything else.

Wednesday morning, PVE shared this~ the story of Emilie.

As I looked out my window early this morning and saw all of the snow, I wondered how it would impact my busy day of errands. Then I read Emilie's story.

Another cold, snowy day had us in its grip and I wondered- What is God's plan for this young mother, wife, daughter, friend...?

How brave Emilie must have been, and how frightened.

We can look at our own lives and feel so many blessings.

Blessed that we have time with our loved ones.

Time to love and to be loved.

Time to do for others.

Time to create.

I will give more thought before I become irritated with the person that pulls out in front of me on a snow-covered road.

I'll try not to feel anxious when the next big snow fall is expected~

Because I bet Emilie would love to be making snow angels with her boys on a day like this.


  1. I know that each of us will hold Emilie close and I want to do something to help her, and her boys. It touched me.
    Each day is a gift and we all need to live in the present.
    Thanks for sharing here too.

  2. That story was so, so sad. I've thought about the family all day.

  3. PVE and A Day That Is Dessert~
    ...and right at the holidays. I would like to put my arms around those little guys.


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