Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stay with me~ January 27, 2009

To say that I am a little frustrated... is an understatement. My friend was here to help iron out the wrinkles in my new camera- and after so much work- it has been decided that I may need to contact my Internet provider for an upgrade of sorts.

So let's try this- if you'd like a clearer resolution for this little 'home study'- try going here, I think the quality is much better. So, it's a work in progress~ please stay with me.


  1. Hi Deb! I think it looks great! I love your art!! I love the different houses- it makes me think no matter what your house looks on the outside- it is what is in the inside that makes it a home.

    Hang in there you will get the hang of the camera. I'm still learning mine. I am taking a simple 101 class at a camera shop just to get the feel of things.

    As for the computer I'm lucky because my love is here to bail me out. LOL...

    How is your "me time" coming along?


  2. Joyce~ Maybe I too need to take some sort of class.
    I meant to ask about your camera- what do you use?
    I have the patience of a three year old... I just want it to work!
    The alone time is delightful- however, with 10 inches of snow expected, I rather think I will be clearing the driveway and walkways for a while tomorrow...
    I do love that new header that PVE created for you.

  3. Hang in there Debra! Nobody's blog comes together overnight. Look back through people's archives at their first few months of posting and you'll see what I mean. You're doing a great job!

  4. I share your technical frustrations...sometimes it just takes time to work out all the bugs. Stay with it - your work is beautiful and it will be worth it!

  5. Get down on the floor, throw a tantrum, right now....
    Now, did that make you feel better, well if not, then praise to you for your work is wonderful. I can tell that you care deeply - it shows.
    Not to worry, you will have all the camera kinks ironed out very quickly and be a pro in no time at all.

  6. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.
    Your painting today was darling- lucky recipients.

  7. Hi Debra, I nominated you here:

  8. PVE~ You are so kind! The latest snag is the worst! Such a bleep after the wonderful nomination from Annechovie. I feel a tantrum
    coming on..... This too shall pass~ I hope!


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