Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Week From Today~

President Elect Barack Obama and family

Posting will be light this week as we prepare to join the Obama family, along with two million of their other close friends...

I am full of HOPE for our country.

Are you excited and hopeful for CHANGE?

Would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Debra- I was just going to answer your email and saw your posting here. How fun is this?! How did you get tickets? We will let you off the hook on light posting only if you share your experience from start to finish. Deal?
    I'm very happy for you! Have a safe trip and fun!! hugs...

  2. Joyce~ I will definately be returning with lots of photos and a few tales to tell, I'm sure. Tickets, hmmm... well, my husband works for a politician~ and my sister-in-law is involved with all of the goings-on happening in DC right now.
    Have a great day Joyce~

  3. I am hoping for the best - their daughters sure are cute, aren't they? Safe travels to you and look forward to your photos!

  4. annechovie~ A nice looking family- I think it will be fun watching them grow. He sure has work cut out for him though...

  5. I heard on the news, the count is "4 million" the most ever!
    Tell us all about it! (right here on your blog!)
    Travel safely and bring back some memorabilia!

  6. Debra- How fun this is going to be part of history and to be sharing with friends and family. Thanks for sharing! Oh I can't wait to hear all the news. EEKS 4 million- I hope you get VIP seating. Be safe and have a wonderful time!! Have a golden day! xoxo

  7. PVE and Joyce~ The number keeps climbing...
    We were at Clinton's first and that was a lot of people- but nothing like this one.
    The body-heat alone will keep us all comfortable- don't you think?
    So glad you stopped by~ Thank you.

  8. I am beyond thrilled. You are so fortunate to be going. I am full of hope and so very proud of my country for electing him. It feels more like home to me again after these eight long years.

  9. I'm so excited for you - really wish I could take the boys!! I am so full of optimism and excitement. I can't wait to see and hear about your experiences! xo

  10. Pamela and Lecia~ As our departure approaches, I find I'm getting more excited.
    This is such a historic time for this country.
    Friday I'm being tutored on my new camera- so hopefully the photos will come out well.
    Thank you for stopping by~


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