Sunday, December 13, 2009


~ My mixer ~
I had wanted this mixer for years. Especially during the holidays when I do a lot of baking. Christmas mornings would come and go- and no mixer. My DH said it would take up a lot of space and ..."do you think you'd really use it"?
By Christmas morning, the baking was done and when my mixer wasn't under the tree, I really didn't think too much about it. Santa has always been very generous in his gifts to me.
But each time I wanted to bake-I would say under my breath... "I sure wish I had that mixer". At this stage, when there is something we really want, we usually get it. We may do a little reading, check for an upcoming sale, but we treat ourselves throughout the year and don't always wait for a special occasion. However, I didn't treat myself to the mixer. Maybe it would take up too much counter space, maybe I wouldn't use it that often. Finally... a few years ago my sister and niece gave me this gorgeous machine. It sits out on my counter and I bet I use it a few times a month- no, not every week-but often enough to justify the counter space.
I bring this up because today I ran her hard.
After all it's the holidays and there are goodies to be baked.
Thank you Dee-Dee and Devon.

I also did a bit of this~

And there were lots of these lit around the house.

How are you coming with you holiday plans and preparations?

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  1. We have one too. I love it - certainly makes my life easier when I bake (and I bake alot in December). We store it in the pantry when not in use for periods of time, however, right now that Green Mercedes is sitting on my counter, and I will be revving her up this morning. :)

  2. I miss my kitchenaid. we looked into buying one here OMG it's highway robbery what they charge. It's the best for baking especially double batches.Have a wonderful weekend. I'm baking today!

  3. I gave my KA to my daughter several years ago, and of course now wish I had one! Not that I would use it that, I have been putting out candles, wreathes, Santas. I also gave my daughter most of the ornaments form over the years. I have not pur up a treaa for sometime, although I am considering a tabletop copperu, gold amd white light themed one!

  4. That's my very same mixer! I couldn't be the culinary wizard I am without her! :)

    I am currently in the midst of Christmas cards. I make my own... and there's 200 of them. Need I say more?

    Now where did I put the brandy?

  5. Sounds like your KA is an irreplacable must in your kitchen - it's productivity levels certainly justify it's purpose in life. My big old Kenwood Chef mixer is 33 years old & still going strong. It weighs more than a small car, so dragging it out of the laundry cupboard is a task not taken lightly!
    Millie ^_^

  6. How did you know that is on my list! I am coming along, making progress and checking my lists!

  7. I love my kitchen aid! She has made things so much easier in the kitchen. xo


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