Tuesday, December 15, 2009


~Christmas Cookies~
Yesterday I went to a luncheon, cookie exchange, gift swap.
There were 17 of us. I came home with the most wonderful assortment of cookies. Enough for my DH's snack-attack from now until Christmas.
With a lake-side view on three sides we feasted on fresh salads, fruits, vegetables and an incredible caramelized onion pizza... followed by cookies. We had our gift exchange which was hysterical- next time I really want no. 1!!! But I do love the Pottery Barn holiday candle that I came home with.
What a wonderful time of year to share food, fun and laughter with friends.


  1. Love gatherings like that plus you get a nice gift and hubby gets treats! Win win! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Sounds like alot of fun! It's nice to stop the rushing, and take time for what's important in life.

  3. Oh Deb sounds like the afternoon was filled with laughter. Some of friends are getting together for an ornament exchange on Thursday. I do love the excitement when you can take from one another. I'm glad you came home with treats for your honey. xo

  4. I was just about to say, It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas :) What a delightful time you had!

  5. Lovely picture of the cookies! Sounded like a lot of fun! I am already preparing my Fed Ex box for my late Sunday night departure for NJ-- I send my clothes to NJ via Fed Ex, never ever check a bag...

  6. Debra what a wonderful time with friends. I'm missing our company luncheon today and am quite sad. It's really what the holidays is about; connecting with acquaintances and enjoying the festive season. Sadly I have never been to a cookie exchange and think it's the best idea.
    Hope the rest of your week is just as lovely x

  7. I love cookie or ornament exchanges, so fun to see what everyone brings and the friendly camaraderie is great!

  8. Mums, mums, i can smel the taste ;o)

  9. wish I were a cookie - just to see that view and all!


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