Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Mornings at Christmas

These mornings just before Christmas I am like a young child. I'm too excited to sleep. Up early with anticipation of what the day will bring.
My DH is off from work until next Monday. There are a few last minute things that we'll need to do to prepare for our Christmas Eve gathering, but mostly we are being lazy, sipping eggnog, wrapping up last minute gifts and enjoying the shortest days.

These two images were taken a short time ago {it is 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday as I write this}.
To me the very best part of Christmas are the few days just prior to and Christmas Eve.
Warm fires, the lit Christmas trees, the warm scent of burning candles, the gifts wrapped and enjoying family.
Tonight our sweet Erin will be coming over to have dinner with us, followed by the opening of one of her gifts.
Little Jack has pneumonia... this poor little guy!
We'll have him over for some special time just as soon as he's feeling a little better.
Christmas really is all about the children. I had forgotten just how very special they make it all.
I hope these last couple of days find you sitting back, relaxing, enjoying the sounds and scents of this truly magical time.
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  1. I too, enjoy the special days before Christmas. Fortunately, we are wrapped and ready, and have been enjoying candles and Nat King Cole (among others) to entertain us in the evening.
    I love the look of your mantle, so very elegant!

  2. your mantle is lovely!
    We are just about there - I am baking today!!

  3. Next year I'm doing something different I want to sit back and enjoy! I hope little Jack gets better being sick is no fun especially during the holidays. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. I'm with you - up early , still dark, lights on and snow falling ....doesnn't get much better. Have a wonderful Christmas - I have enjoyed sharing the year with you.

  5. This is beautiful Debra! It sounds so charming at your house :) I hope little Jack gets to feeling better really soon.

  6. Such beautiful decorations. Thanks for sharing. Poor little Jack I hope he's better soon. Enjoy the holiday and thanks for your lovely blog.

  7. Love the images beautiful I know you will have a lovely warm and joyful Holiday....all the best, Debra,

  8. Your decorations are beautiful. I love that quiet EARLY morning time. The stillness and peace - before the rush of day begins.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by your family.

  9. I know the thrill and excitement so well! There really is no other time of the year :) Have a wonderful time with each other!

  10. a very beautiful sight to wake up to. I hope you enjoyed dinner and your dinner guest! xo

  11. Ooowh Debra, sounds so wonderful! Hope little Jack gets well soon. Erin and Jack are lucky kids having a grandmother like you who still gets a bit nervous the day before X-mas (so cute - I'm the same btw). Have a warm cosy happy Christmas, XXX.

  12. The warmest of Christmas greetings to you dear Debra. I am so thankful for your wonderful blog & the beautiful person who creates such memorable posts.
    Millie ^_^


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