Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He knows if you've been bad or good...

During this wonderful time of year, don't forget to S T O P.
Among the shopping, cooking, cards to be written, gifts to be wrapped, deadlines to meet...the list goes on and on.
Take a little time just for Y O U!
It's important in our attempt to make things wonderful for everyone on our lists- that we take some time to look around, breath deeply and enjoy the season and all of its offerings.
Why not a brisk walk, a glass of wine at nightfall, a couple of chapters in that book you haven't touched since Thanksgiving.
This means Y O U.



  1. Hi Debra, great words of wisdom during a time we can all easily get on overload! Cherish these times!

  2. You are so right. It's important to stop and breathe.

  3. I've joined the Twelve Days of Peace, hosted by Deidre (Jumping Tandem). She has great topics for inducing peace and stillness into one's soul.

  4. A glass of Cab Sav right now, or hot sake with some sushi, sounds absolutely divine right now. Alas, I'm going to STOP and have my Lady Grey tea with a bowl of Cheerios :) Thank you for the reminder, dear!

  5. great advice.....have a wonderful day!

  6. Words of wisdom Debra, but sadly not a chance here until Dec. 26th. I've been stock-piling my favourite mags. for a big flop on the sofa then & woe betide anyone who wants me to do something for them!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Hey Deb- words so true and to be remined this time of year and throughout the year. Enjoy my friend. xo

  8. I was off to deliver goodies this afternoon... so busy for sooo long, when I was felled by a migraine. I turned the car around, drove home and fell into bed with my sweater still on. Much better now, but your advice here is wise indeed!! Your body will get rest, one way or another!


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