Monday, December 21, 2009

Mastering the Art of a Holiday Escape~

After decking the halls, shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping and toasting it was time to settle in for a quiet evening. Things are pretty well caught-up and a little time was needed to relax and enjoy the tree lights.
I am pretty sure that I am the only one left out there that hasn't seen Julie and Julia. I completely missed the timing when it was at the theatre and haven't up-dated my queue in months.
This seemed like the perfect way to relax and enjoy one of my favorite topics... cooking.

I don't have this cookbook, do you? It's now at the top {well...almost at the top} of my Christmas wish list~ hear that Santa?

I completely enjoyed this movie and I will watch it one more time before I have to return it to the video shop. I thought Meryl did a fabulous portrayal of Julia.

We share some of the same wonderful copper pots. I love the way they cook, but they get dangerously H O T !
And they are high maintenance.
And these beauties. Can you believe my Mother had the whole set- and when we cleaned out her house... I gave them away!
Regrets- I've had a few...
What joy to see a movie that is light and happy.

I am turning in now- and pretty sure there will be visions of sugar plums dancing about.
~Sweet Dreams~

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  1. I love the pic. images. I plan to Netflix this movie after Christmas. I know it will be a well spent afternoon! :)

  2. loved that movie so much! I'm running around crazy need to shop still but having car big day. Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Yes, I loved that movie too! It was really wonderful to see so much passion revolve around food at a time my Mother reminds me, when women were trying to be liberated with tv dinners and oddities like tuna helper! There is something to be said for the slow route and taking time to enjoy life during the holidays!

  4. The movie is wonderful! The days of baking holiday cookies, tuna casserole from scratch, lovely homemade soups and stews. My mother has won prized for her Red velvet Cake and her Apple Dumplings!!

  5. You threw them away?!! Jeepers!
    When I saw this wonderful movie this summer, I immediately became desirous of a bit fat red pot...enameled cast iron...just like Julia's. Well, the Le Creuset's were sooo costly and I despaired. Until I found out about the ones made by dear old Martha Stewart!! A fraction of the cost and they are fabulous. I now keep my big fat red pot atop the stove at all times, just waiting for a soup!! Love it!

  6. I've long wanted some beautiful copper skillets Debra, but it would turn out to be a very expensive exercise, as I'd also need the farmhouse villa in the French countryside to go with them!
    Millie ^_^

  7. I don't have Mastering The Art but do want it and the Le Creuset story makes me want to cry. Waa!
    Restful night to you.


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