Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Dreams~

~Sweet Holiday Dreams~

I'm not sure even my curiosity of Santa's arrival could tear me away from this room on Christmas morning.
I think I would go from bed to chair and back to the bed. The warmth of the fire, a good book and a candy cane.
I love the look of the fresh greenery against all of the white.

"Buon Natale e dolci sogni".

{Loosely translated-Merry Christmas and Sweet Dreams}

Image from Here.


  1. Debra is that your bedroom? I would never leave inviting and cozy.

  2. No, not my bedroom. I'd still be in there if it was mine!

  3. I also love the beams! Very cozy room. I could sit by the fire with book, laptop and a goblet of chardonnay. Kind of like being in my living room. Fireplace, cozy chairs, dogs, wine, books, laptop..... xoxo

  4. I love it Debra. My bedroom id quite cozy, however I do not have a fireplace in there!

  5. What a cozy room to spend a winter's night.

  6. So beautiful! I would hibernate there too and enjoy every minute.

  7. Debra, now that speaks Christmas loud & clear. I do love having a fire in our bedroom but it's always too hot to have on. Maybe, just maybe, this Christmas!

  8. If that is the bedroom, then I imagine the rest of the home to be up to snuff! I love how that hearth is decorated. Lovely!

  9. To have a fireplace by your bed and by a tub makes my heart dance....


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