Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Things~

I was tagged recently by this beautiful and clever lady to list ten things that make me happy.

TEN...only ten?
This took some thought, because frankly-how do you come up with only ten things that make you happy-when there are so many, many things that make me happy.
But, here goes...

~Long hours alone to paint freely.

~The happy faces of two special little people.

~Knowing that all of my loved ones are happy and fulfilled.

~Cuddling with my two pups on a rainy or snowy afternoon.

~ Several days away at the South Shore.

~A long, delicious meal with my DH.

~That feeling of getting back into those favorite jeans that were a bit snugly.

~Listening to good music.
~ Traveling to Italy.
~A few uninterrupted hours of reading with a good cup of tea.

~ An unexpected note or email from a friend.

~And last, but by no means least~ you my friends, that have made this bloggy adventure so rewarding, so inspiring and just a whole lot of fun
Oppps~ I think that's twelve.
I will let any of you decide if you'd like to share your list of ten things that make you happy.
It's fun, it made me stop and really think-and we all love to see what makes people happy.
Be sure to stop by and pay a visit to Prairiegirlstudio -and take a peek at her list.

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  1. Debra - It easy to feel that it all comes from your heart!

  2. I have my list that I am working on, it was so hard to just choose 10 so I am whittling away at it.

  3. Deb, it really was hard to come up with a list of only 10! I kept writing and writing... but it did give us a moment to sit, think and reflect what our hearts feel. A very nice list my friend! Golden hugs to you. xo

  4. Gorgeous picture! Many items on your list match mine... feeling much better today. I did get my steaming hot bowl of chicken soup and it felt very good going down. Going back to work today xoxo

  5. Love, love, love the photo! Glad I found your blog. I have so much to learn in art but I try. Have taken drawing for a year and just started oil painting. I don't know enough to paint on my own. That is frustrating! I will get there one day!

  6. Debra, a lovely and thought inspiring list, always so good to know more about you my friend!!

    Art by Karena

  7. Edward, sleeping on my feet!
    That always makes me happy.
    And, warm.

  8. I love these fun lists! As I read through yours, I found myself saying, "oh yeah, me too!" Happy things in life are divine, non?

  9. Ten truly perfect things Debra!
    Millie ^_^

  10. oh my ... kinda blushing at your opening line ... *hug*

    i love your list ... full of all the goodness and love that is so you ...

    it is hard to list only 10, but it is reaffirming to all the blessings that are about us ...

    and, as i read your list, it's like 'oh yes ~ definitely happy' ... like being able to paint freely for hours on end ... i hadn't thought about that for a long time, so it rekindled a happiness for me ...

    your happiness makes me happy ...
    pg xo

    oh ...and i love your image!


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