Friday, March 19, 2010

Heat wave...

I think that spring has arrived here in Maine. This is pretty amazing~ the snow is gone, the ice is out on all of the area lakes and for three days in a row, the temps have climbed to over 60 degrees! Today it is suppose to reach well into the 70's.

It's like an early spring heat wave~ but we'll take this.

The weather-person did just report that next week we will get back to much more seasonable temperatures.

But for now~ this weekend, I'm going to make the most of it and get out on my bike and take long walks.

70 degrees??? This is crazy for Maine!


Maine sources


  1. The dear daughter and I will be heading upstate for the last weekend of skiing (not that I can ski, still nursing my leg injury) and I told her to bring her bikini. The look on her face was priceless.
    A warm weekend here too! I will take it.

  2. 70 & sunny here too - perfect for the first day of spring - enjoy!

  3. Snow today in Kansas City. hopefully the last!! The flowering trees are already+ budding!

    Art by Karena

  4. Very nice in Anchorage. Sunny and pleasant. We are expecting to have lots of snow melt over the weekend, AMEN to that!! I took Halle and Toby out for a nice walk in the early morning while the ground was still crunchy. Did not want to take all 4 dogs out then have to clean them all up. Turns out I could have, the walkways were very dry and minimal cleanup of paws after the walk. It hs been quite a while that I have taken a walk and I really miss it. Love the postcards in your post!! xoxoxo

  5. I guess the sun is shining down in most places,and that is good. Wishing you a nice weekend!

  6. Wow...70 degrees in Maine in March??? You lucky thing. I am packing my sunscreen and flying over :)

  7. Enjoy it! I'm sure it might be cool again. Then again, everyone is having the strangest weather. I have always wanted to visit Maine. I know it is GORGEOUS

  8. Hope you enjoyed the Maine heat wave...looked and felt like a summer day at the beach (southern Maine) but today it's back to reality, though 40's and no snow is sort of warm for Maine...

  9. Every year our good friends invite us to their house on Little Lake Sebago...but the 5 hour car ride with 3 children keeps us away. Maybe this summer will be the year...longing for an authentic lobster roll...(or seven)!

  10. love vintage postcards... been wanting to go there for a long time!


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