Thursday, March 18, 2010


No, I haven't cut my hair. But, when I see a cute cut like this one on Mia Wasikowska the star of Alice in Wonderland... hmmm.

I won't do it. I chopped off all of my hair a few years ago-short, really short!

I did like the easy carefree do-but not my best look. I think to pull this off, you have to have just the right features. I take things like that under consideration when choosing how to wear my hair. Typically I wear my hair in a longer, messy bob and have forever. But once in a while I like to mix it up.
When my hair is longer {like it is now} I think about a short, wash and go cut. When my hair is short I look forward to pulling it back and wearing it up and sometimes I think about the way it will feel when it tickles my shoulders.

I will always love change- and the good thing about changing your hair... it always grows back.
Do you like to mix it up and occasionally try new lengths?

Unable to locate my source-if anyone knows-please report back.


  1. Debra, like you I have tried it all...long, short, different colours. Fickle female for sure! I have been pretty good the last few years. I figured out the right colour and have been happy with the countries always throw me for a loop. It is like teaching a baby to walk but I think I am thru the worst of it now! I love the photo and have always wished I had the features to pull this off...Mia Farrow?
    Have a great day!
    Jeanne :)

  2. Oh I am exactly the same, wishing for the opposite... it's nice to change styles though. Love this little pixie cut... I can only wish, despite fine hair, I have a lot of it and it's too curly for any short styles. I spend my days with mine piled on the top of my head in any which way I can keep it there. Definitely not a fashionista! A-M xx

  3. I wore my hair once like that for a summer. It was fun and easy. But I didn't keep it longer than September; I wanted something warmer on my neck. I am fortunate my hair grows fast, so I can make changes as I want.

  4. I am so predictable (read as boring) Debra. Same bob & bangs for ever, but I still get complements, so I'm scared to do anything else. However, I do vary the colour considerably just to keep MOTH on his toes! Thank you sweetie for your beautiful comments over @ The Hedge today, they meant so much!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Oh, I feel your pain. I think we are so much alike. I go from a bob to a short cut. I always love them more when I do not have one of the other.
    I am in need of a cut and hmmm, you have planted a seed for Spring.
    A short cut is often so much easier to get there!!

  6. Deb, would you believe I got my haircut short this past Monday?!! Reason why I was in the city. A friend of mine, daughter works downtown and needed a couple of models so we went down. I will be going back again on Monday for her final grade, and I think she might even cut shorter. Right now it is just below my ears and above my neck. Oh dear next could be the ears showing. My hair was to my shoulders. I figure it was hair and it would grow back. Thank goodness she is being test for cutting and not coloring. The young ones are so stylish I was afraid of blue highlights! xo

  7. I love this haircut. I like to switch up up but have trouble growing long hair so I just keep it short now.

  8. You know I love hair! Mine was a layered bob for quite a while with the purple chunks very prominent. Now my hair is almost to my shoulders and the purple chunks are in the lower layer, so you really have to look for the purple. I can never have really short hair, not good for my face or body type.

    Champagne Thursday resumes today, so.... Happy Champagne Thursday, dear !!! xoxo

  9. In theory...yes. In reality, NO. My hair is my security blanket...kind of lame, but totally true!

  10. Oh yes, lately I am loving the shorter funky cuts, just a little edgy and fun! I am never afraid of cutting my hair!

    Hint men actually love short hair on woman, buy you have to pull it all together!

    Art by Karena


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