Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunshine Awards~

The lovely Jeanne at the delightful and stylish blog Collageforlife
presented me with this sweet Sunshine award.
I adore Jeanne's blog~always fascinating, always inspiring and always like a visit with a good friend. She has fabulous taste and always knows how to pique our interest.
Now I will pass this award on to 12 bloggers that bring sunshine to my day.

{Only 12? This is not easy, as all of the blogs I visit bring sunshine to my day...}

Joyce @ A Perfect Beginning

Anne @ Annechovie

Karen @ Art by Karena

Ina @ Ina in Alaska

Prairie Girl @ Prairiegirlstudio


1~ Thank the giver.

2~ Choose 12 blogs that bring you Sunshine.

3~ The proud new owners of the Sunshine award are to pass it on to 12 others.

Thank you to these 6 wonderful blogs that always bring Sunshine to my days.
My timer is telling me to get back to the drawing table, so I will add the 6 remaining Sunshine awards a little later this week.
~Thank you Jeanne~


  1. Thanks Debra! You bring sunshine into my day as well. :)

  2. Thank you dear friend, I could use some sunshine to help get rid of this majorly nasty cold. You never fail to brighten my day! Seems like Maine escaped the severe weather??? xoxo

  3. Thank you my friend! You are my daily sunshine ever morning I turn on my laptop. Sending warm hugs your way to add more sunshine to your day! xo

  4. WEll all that sunshine restored power and light to my day!
    (like all your posts do!)

  5. Thak you SO much for the award, Debra! I am sorry I missed it!! I have been so busy lately that I have had to neglect keeping up with my favorite blogs! Thanks for bringing so much sunshine to my day. xo


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