Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring ahead~

~Spring Ahead~

Saturday night when I go to bed I must remember to set my clocks ahead. If I forget, I am completely out of whack on Sunday. There's something about forgetting and needing to set the clocks in the morning- I'm all tangled up for the day.

So, I am leaving little reminders here and there so I don't forget.

I think that both of the time changes has it's own appeal according to that season. In the fall when we turn our clocks back, I'm always ready for earlier evenings. I light a few candles, turn on the candle lights in the windows, I start making hearty soups and enjoy evening fires. The holidays are ahead of us and there is a coziness about settling in for the fall and winter months to come.


Mother Nature prepares us nicely for this change- the one that will deliver longer days.

This is the time of year when you may plan an early dinner so you can take advantage of the extended daylight.

In our area of the northeast we've had a pretty mild winter. Not nearly the amount of snow that we've had in recent years and lately the daytime temperatures have been above normal.
Still, we welcome these time changes.

The ice on the lake is thin and it's fun to anticipate the date of 'ice-out'~
I think the Loons will be headed back soon.



  1. I shall miss the "hunkering" down of the darkness of Winter, but welcome the "light" as well as the extra time. I always try to craft more and to take advantage of the light. I am happy to report, I sent artwork to a client for her holiday card - I think using this time to prepare for the coming seasons is high priority!

  2. The older I get the more challenged I am to adjust to when the clocks "spring forward" (or when I cross time zones heading east for that matter) -- I prefer the luxury of one more hour than one fewer...On the other hand, the reward we get of lengthening days more than makes up for the temporary discomfort, forgotten within a week.

  3. Oh dear I thought I had another week of an extra hour. The good thing about losing a hour is the extra time of daylight. Ok now I need to go back to bed! xo

  4. I look forward to it but it will be a big adjustment. I'm sure there will be a few days of waking up late and lots of missing folks at church on Sunday.

  5. omgosh! If I didn't stop by...I might have not realized the clocks change this weekend, completely out of it lately! Love, love, love when the days grow longer, need my sunlight!

  6. I can't believe we're here already! I didn't know the spring forward was this weekend. I think you just saved me as we have several things scheduled for this isn't Easter, is it?! I did notice that the sun was rising earlier than usual, but had no idea that it was that time of year.

    Thank you Debra! Have a lovely evening.

  7. The Spring Forward always sneaks up on me! This means our 9 AM Sunday tennis group will seem especially early this week!! Thanks for the reminder!! Been so busy this week with work, Jeter, Kit's visit, which was just super, and the Iditarod fun.... I am really hoping to do the cycling challenge. I have been given permission to use the stationary bike at the gym!! It has been really cold this week, colder than winter has been....xoxo


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