Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Innocence at rest~

~Jack Alexander~
This precious little guy spent a day with us recently.
We read stories, played with Logos, took a walk, ate watermelon... and took a nap.
There are few things that tug at my heartstrings more than that of a child at rest.
Oh, the sight of this child.
~Pure joy~
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  1. He is a beautiful wee babe. I love looking at babies when they sleep. They represent love and peace.

  2. The flush of his cheeks, the wee fingers and that blanket -he looks wrapped in love!!

  3. Sitting here smiling while looking at this delicious little baby! Could that pose be any sweeter? What a perfect image. (and my Father's name is Jack, so I am very partial to that name!).

  4. Oh Deb he so precious. I love his rosey cheeks, and his pose during his afternoon nap. He melts my heart just looking at this photo, I can only image what he does to yours my friend. xo

  5. This is so wonderful! What a sweetheart. I agree, a child sleeping is hard to beat. I creep every night into Oliver's room for a peek :) Have a great day Debra!!

  6. Oh my goodness! What preciousness, right there at your fingertips. *Sighs* Soon, soon I'll have my own little bundle, too :)

    I'm so glad you shared this photo with us!

  7. Just look at those rosy cheeks! What an adorable little boy! You captured that nap so perfectly. xoxo

  8. What a doll and the cheeks! Sounds like the best day!

  9. oh, the bliss of this sweet boy ... your heart must soar and melt all in the same moment to just sit and watch him sleep ...
    you know he is zonked when his little hand rests where he placed it ...
    off to dreamland ... he is so loved ...
    so happy for lucky you, my dear ...
    pg xo


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