Monday, February 8, 2010

Carolyn Quartermaine~

Carolyn Quartermaine~ Script

For years I have saved small snippets of Carolyn Quartermaine's gorgeous script fabrics.

Everything this lovely lady dips her hand into turns out so fetching.

Really...there are few words that describe how I love these fabrics.
The back of this chair and the seat of this one~

After inquiring about any local stockists {I'm pretty sure I would need to take a road-trip}, I received the most delightful email back.

Don't you just love what the internet can do?

Everything right at your fingertips.

Carolyn Quartermaine


  1. Oh what lovely images to start my day! I, too, have adored this fabric from afar for many years. Is it available in the Boston area?? I live in southern NH -- near your part of the world. The pink with silver script looks like the perfect Valentine note.
    ~ Michelle

  2. Beautiful fabric......hope you find some in your area! Have a wonderful day!

  3. A few weeks ago Joni of Cote de Texas posted on the most fabulous spot in South Africa, all the fabrics were amazing, some with script -
    I adore this, I would love one petite chair or pillow.

  4. Oh yes beautiful, would even love a pillow or two out of her fabrics!

  5. Her script fabric is beautiful. I thought someday when I redo our bedroom it would be nice to have some script work along the tray ceiling. xo

  6. Her fabric is truly lovely. A small pillow for my bed would be great, please! ;)

  7. I love the internet too!(for the same reason) and that fabric as well, gorgeous!

  8. I have been looking for the french script carolyn quartermaine for so long! I adore all the colourways.Would you consider selling me some swatches? I just want to upholster the backs of 2 chairs (base also if I can find enough!)Or could you please let me know where to get it in Australia?Angie Materazzo Melbourne, Australia.


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