Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making Toast~ The Book

I recently received a comment from a wonderful blogger- Colleen at North of 25 A.

I jumped right over to visit and read through many of her recent posts.

To say I was touched by the true story behind the the soon-to-be-released memoir of a family-

~Making Toast~

is a huge understatement.

More like obsessed!
A beautiful Mother of three young children, wife, daughter, sister- passes away suddenly while running on her treadmill.
Amy Rosenblatt Solomon was a pediatrician- a giver, a healer.
On the day that Amy passed away, her parents Roger and Ginny Rosenblatt left their Long Island home for the home of their daughter and son-in-law in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Rosenblatts remain there, helping their son-in-law Harris in the care of their Grandchildren, ages 6, 4, and 1 at the time their Mother was suddenly taken.

Read the story on NPR here.

Making Toast written by Amy's Father, Roger Rosenblatt is a touching account of the sudden and shocking loss this family endures. The Grandparents jumping in to help raise their young Grandchildren while coping with their own grief.

~Making Toast~

Scheduled to be released on February 16.

Available here and here.

Courtesy of NPR
Making Toast
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  1. I spotted this book too over at 25A - she is wonderful.
    I am going to drop a note in the mail with a list of reads-
    be well-

  2. Sounds like a really good read. I hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful day.

  3. Ironically, my morning toast (Dill Rye) had just popped at the same time as your blog post! What a sad thing about the young mother cut down so soon in her successful life. I may not read the book but I wonder how the dynamic will change if and when the son in law decides to remarry one day.... xoxo

  4. What a touching tribute to the Rosenblatt Solomon family, Deb. On this day of hearts how lucky we are to feel the power of this tragically inspiring story - and we have not even had the chance to read the book yet... Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! XO

  5. That is touching even before I've read the book. I wish there were more true and good books like this out there. Thank you for the tip.

    P.S. Where's my email? ;)

  6. oh debra ~
    thank you so much for your wonderfully kind words today ... *hug* ...

    and thank you for sharing this, the story of 'making toast' ...

    as i started reading your words, i kinda felt my breath leaving me ... like i wasn't sure i wanted to hear of the hurt and pain that amy's family would have to endure after her untimely passing ... but i went over and read the interview with her dad ... and the passage from the book and even though their world was toppled upside down, there was a strength there ... a deep love ... and yes, an angel to help them through ...

    we never know what a day will bring us ... we just have to have faith to embrace it and see it through ...

    thanks again ...

    i hope you and your sweetheart have had a most lovely love day ~


  7. Thank you for sharing Deb. I read the post and my heart heart aches. During this difficult time I'm so glad that their son-in-law reached out to them to help with the children. Many hugs... xo


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