Saturday, February 6, 2010

More studio dreams~

You know how I adore a tiny out-building. I just had to go shopping for a few more to add to my growing collection. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect studio space.
I like the night-time glow of this one. I am secretly a night-time voyeur. I love driving slowly by homes and looking in the windows. Can you see the bookshelves inside?

The Gothic windows appealed to me.
I may have to genuflect upon entering.

Does this sweet space have a basement underneath?
I love the big windows on the front-great light, perfect for painting.

I would happily 'go-to-my-room' upstairs and hang out on the small terrace.
Victorian gingerbread meets miniature Taj Mahal.

I am re-posting this perfect winter cottage... because it's just perfectly-perfect.

I am imagining a small loft overhead-just right for a quick afternoon nap in between illustrations.

This is the same cottage as above - only this one is a bit more secluded. Accessed only by boat.
The waves gently lulling one to sleep.
~Sweet Dreams~

This special hide-away has been seen all over the internet, and you can understand why- isn't it a dream?
Wouldn't you love to camp out here for a long weekend alone~ or with someone very special?

Oh delicious-I love the stone, but no chimney. I'm thinking great in the summer-not so great during the fall and winter. But now imagine this little get-away with a small stone fireplace.
I wouldn't mind getting snowed-in here.
I know many of you are getting blasted with an epic snow storm this weekend.
Here in Maine it's a near miss.
Light a fire if you have one, brew some tea, curl up with a quilt and a good book, snuggle with your cat or pup or significant other.
Stay off the roads if you can and enjoy the quiet.

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  1. I love them all...hard to pick just one. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oooh the winter cottage, that's the one for me!
    Debra?? What are you up to?? ( I think I know...;-)

  3. My dream studio is around the corner, full of light, a sink to wash brushes, some nice music, my dog under foot and time to complete many visions which I always seem to race against time to capture everything I want on paper or canvas. I suspect that is an artist's dream.

  4. Debra, where do you find these beautiful treasure spaces. I would love any of them!! As with Patricia, I need music, lots of light, A farm style sink for clean up and shelves for art supplies and a canvas drying rack.

  5. My favourite kind of dwelling!! Keep these delightful pictures coming!

    And I think you have coined the perfect saying for the age....
    "Stay off the roads and enjoy the quiet"!!

  6. Adorable little places!! It is almost 10 pm Saturday night as I type this comment and I am sitting by the fire with a little Jeter dog on my lap, the husband already in bed asleep with the TV on (I can hear it from where I am). Shovelled and ice chipped twice today, one shovelling required from Friday night's snow storm and then Saturday afternoon after the mid-morning snow flurries..... all this shovelling prevented me from making my pot of chili for the Super Bowl Commercials, I mean... game... xoxoxo

  7. Would love to hook one of these to a trailer & plop it down wherever I go :-)

  8. Enchanting! I love small dwellings, too!

  9. Debra this was such fun. I too have a strong affliction for small outbuildings. We had one long ago on our property that was used in 1918 as place for the farm workers to sleep. I always thought it was such a magical place with such potential. I am so fond of the 4th & 5th photos. Would love to have a special place like that again some day. Enjoy the remainder of your lovely Sunday ~


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