Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Pants~

~G O L D Cords~
While Christmas shopping I ran into the Gap for a gift card. While there I noticed these straight-leg 1969 cords. They were available in navy, a soft brown, gray, shocking pink, bright orange and
G O L D...really, really G O L D
I tried on the soft brown- perfect fit, comfortable... sold!

A week later I went back, wondering if they still had the navy. They did, in my size, $10.00 less than the soft brown pair... sold!
{I just couldn't find the image for the navy pair}

The week after Christmas I went back... by then I loved these cords and was just hoping that perhaps I would find the gray.
No gray- but the price had dropped and they were just about giving them away...
They had my size in shocking pink...and bright orange... and G O L D...
very G O L D !

I got the G O L D ! Did I mention that they are very, very G O L D ! I think I did!
For someone that wears mostly black, gray and white-these are a stretch for me.
I actually wore them out last week. I'm trying very hard to get happy with these. To step outside of my comfort zone.
What do you think???
Pretty G O L D aren't they?



  1. I have
    now I am thinking of navy and or bright green?

  2. Wow! Gold! Good for you!! Probably will look great with black and some boots. And look at PVE!! Go girls!!

  3. WOW -- you and Patricia are really giving me pause to rethink my black,grey, & white wardrobe (with touches of color here and there!). Perhaps I should "fall in to the GAP" and take a look. And, why not GOLD? -- Bravo to you.
    ~ Michelle

  4. Very pretty! Good for you going for the GOLD!

  5. I think they are GREAT! Beautiful! I love that you bought the gold :)

  6. Wow, Patricia all of those colors?!! I am envious. I love the GOLD, the orange too!!
    Go girl!

  7. Oh and the bright pink also. Debra what are you wearing with the gold pair?

  8. I bet you rocked the Gold! I bought a pair of red cords need to lose 5 lbs first but I always wanted red pants. Of coarse in Germany style is nothing and fashion whats that!Post a picture of you in gold!

  9. Ooooh, I bet with a slate grey top, those pants would be BANANAS! (no pun intended, I bet they look amazing) cute post too!

  10. Good for you Debra!! Don't you love when you step out of your box, and the result is sheer happiness!! :)

  11. I think I will go try these out. Love the fantastic array of colors to choose from.

  12. Gold pants & a black cashmere sweater - SWEEEET!
    Millie ^_^


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