Monday, February 22, 2010

~Oprah's Chocolate set~

Did you see Oprah on Monday?

The entire set was made out of... Godiva chocolate.

I couldn't help but think of Kwana. I wondered if she was watching. Was she suddenly craving one small square of rich, dark chocolate. I was! She too has given up sugar for Lent!
Giving up sugar for Lent- c r a z y !

Giving up chocolate, that's one thing.
Ice cream would have been a sacrifice, a small one but still.
Hershey shell eggs, that would have been a sacrifice at this time of year.
Desserts, now that's a thought for next year... but all sugar?
O.K.- I promise, no more talk of my self imposed sugar fast.

After all, if I talk about it every other day, then I'm really not taking my offering very seriously.

Thank you my friends for letting me vent just one more time.

Courtesy of HARPO


  1. As I said in my email, yep as saw and, yep I craved. It was torture. This is really tough. I have fallen here and there but I keep trudging along. brought this sugar free crisp from Trader Joe's took one bite yesterday and gagged. Ugh.

  2. Keep jugging alond Debra! It's the intention that counts.

  3. You are a much better woman than I up sugar...the ultimate sacrifice. I once gave up chocolate for Lent, but ALL sugar....I would have to develop a will of steel! Bravo to you.
    ~ Michelle

  4. I saw this too! Miss O is on in the morning and late at night I caught this right before I went to bed to dream "sweet" dreams. I wondered how it held up with all the lights. I don't mind you sharing about sweets or chocolates. It adds a little pleasure to the day. xo

  5. On Valentine's Day I started taking the Bee Pollen supplement, the same one that Patty (Preppy Player) took. In the first week I have lost 2.8 lbs and have changed nothing in my routine. I haven't even been able to walk the dogs (too messy outside) and still lost the weight. My appetite is greatly diminished but I still have energy. I don't even care if I have my one glass of wine in the evening! The supplement has really worked. I am having trouble believing it is too good to be true, but it is working. Before I left to take Jeter to the vet I saw Oprah's set. WOW!! I would have enjoyed a taste of something!! Oh well, I see you have snow on the way. Probably us too. Our false Spring has been too good to be true. xoxo

  6. I have to send you a you tube video of a gal who is challenging others to take the no sugar pledge, after I watched it, I said, alright, I can do no sugar!! But chocolate....oh, now that is hard.

  7. Wow, could never give up either sugar or chocolate! Too addicted.
    And, to write about it and watch it? Surely you are punishing yourself with this torture?

  8. Oh chocolate features in my every day diet and I was a Dietitian, in my previous life. Life is too short.... and I am now 10kg heavier than when I was Dietitian. My excuse is that I was too skinny back then! A-M xx

  9. I can't believe they made that set out of chocolate. I was working on a baking and pastry certificate about 10 years ago and took a chocolate class. It was amazing and fun and we had to create a small chocolate display. It was hard! So I can't imagine how they put that together.
    Good luck with your sacrifice. Just imagine how you will feel on Easter Morning!

  10. Well done Debra....watching that show must have been torture, xv.

  11. We are 12 months behind Oprah episodes here Debra, so this has been a lovely sneak peek. MOTH & I will occasionally indulge but we restrict ourselves to the dark, almost black chocolate. We seem to need a lot less of that kind to reach that euphoric state of satiation. Keep strong, you can do this.
    Millie ^_^


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