Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michelle Lloyd-Bermann

I have had this article in a folder since 1997. It shows a couple of the serene and lovely rooms of designer Michelle Lloyd-Bermann. She is half of the design team Lloyd Ralphs Design based in Toronto and Miami.

{excuse poor quality scan~ please click on images for details}

Michelle and her partner Christine Ralphs were co-founders of the Club Monaco Brand.
But back to Michelle's duplex in Toronto {circa 1997}.
Filled with fabulous treasures from her travels, it is light, airy and cozy all at once.
This mahogany desk sits regally among simple objects of desire.

The family photo above~ daughter Olympia sitting between her Mother and Father. Handsome family, aren't they?
At the time this article was written Michelle was still traveling for Club Monaco.
Her desk holds keepsakes and journals from her travels.
Michelle embroidered the chair seat above with her daughter's date of birth.

She liked the old Italian envelope so much that she stitched it to the lampshade on the right.

~The breakfast area~
With French doors leading to the garden.
A sunny start to any day.

The simple ease of this home is charming.
I love that Michelle incorporates bits of whimsy among such personal, beloved, family treasures.
Exquisite taste.
"Living only with what one loves".
Something to be said for that, isn't there?

Victoria May 1997


  1. Wonderful. This home has captured the blend of elegance and serene white I have been looking for - bookmarking.

    Where ever they live, the light is beautiful too.

    Thank you Darling D.

  2. Living with things you love... always true. What a talented lady. I wonder what changes she has made, if any. Love the clean white look of everything... reminds me of the clean white snow outside.... wishing I could open my deck door!! soon..... xoxo

  3. ...and what about all the stuff we used to love, just toss it? ha ha, I love this premise and am going to make it my mantra! I love all the light shades, the romance and the light.

  4. I love the cream color white so warm and inviting. I like her style it has no time frame to it. Shhh... don't tell my love but this is the color of white I'm hoping to add to some rooms this year. xo

  5. I love the light colors and the romantic aura. The fabrics are beautiful, so elegant! And I do believe in the words in the first photo "live only with what one loves"
    Makes perfect sense to me!

  6. Debra, an enchanting home, I love the palette and design. Very soothing and elegant! Okay I am ready to edit!

  7. Beautiful rooms! So peaceful - a vibe I'm looking for today. Thank you for visiting my blog Debra! I so appreciate your kind comments. I need to post again, but I was happy to see you checked it out. I look forward to reading your blog more regularly too.

    I love your lifescapes. Would love to commission you one day! Until then, I'll enjoy your art via blog!

  8. I read the title of the article and seemed to give a silent sigh of relief--yes, yes, that's the thought, that's the hope, that's the inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Charming is the word for sure! 1997, yet feels so fresh (not that its that long ago...). Love all the personal touches too.

  10. Snap Debra - I have the same article stored away in my 'One Day Millie, One Day' file too! I adore the colour used on all the walls, I wish I had the courage to contact Michelle & ask.
    M ^_^


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