Monday, February 22, 2010

Quiet time~

~ The weekend~
Snuck in a little reading here and there.
Prepared dinner for friends Saturday evening.
~Doing well with my sugar fast for Lent~
But not easy!

Ready for a whole new week!
In another day or two, I will be caught-up on some illustrations. Looking
for some sort of stitching project~ any ideas?



  1. Idle hands can be dangerous, so I always have several projects to keep me in stitches. I love purl soho - they have some wonderful ideas! What about making something for Easter? I have the fondest memories of my Mom and I making my Easter cape and dress.

  2. Lovely images, and adore the flourishes you add, so clever. Funny enough, my sister in law just started a needle works craft blog, it's called 14countess and she is on blogger as well, maybe you could get some inspiration there?

  3. Beautiful post. I'm so glad you are doing well with the sugar. I've had some wobbles but am still teetering along.

  4. Great willpower to make all of the desserts for the weekend. We had more snow again during the night. xo

  5. What are you reading? I am midway through Cheerful Money. Monday was so busy. I knew we would be busy at the office so I did not dare to check in with my blog buddies till now, and even so will miss many Monday posts. But I wanted to be sure to say hello to you, dear Deb, and hope you have an excellent Tuesday!! Our streets are snow and ice free. It is a delight to drive, but I know this won't last much longer. We are due for snow. Whaaaa....xoxo


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