Monday, February 8, 2010

So many books~

On Saturday I left for errands and mentioned that I might stop at our State Library.
My first stop after the impossibly boring errands was to the local Barnes & Noble. I was hoping to find a CD that I've been on the hunt for- no luck, but I had tea with a friend.

Next stop the State Library. I hadn't been in years. That is a horrible thing to admit as this fabulous place is 20 minutes from my home.
The bank of computers, the information desks and resource stations was staggering.
After browsing the arts sections, the cookbook section, the classics and perusing the newspapers from around the world I was on visual overload. That same overload I would get when in Atlanta at the gift and home shows.
I walked out 2 hours later... empty handed!
I couldn't choose~ Art, biographies, design, Chic Sheds...

What I need to do is carve out an afternoon to return and really dig-in. I also want to set aside time each day for reading. I've been involved in other home projects ~ and reading has been put aside since before the holidays.
Tell me~ what are you reading now and when do you set aside that special time to curl up with your current book?

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  1. I just finished reading The Help, and I loved it! Now, I'm starting Eleanor Roosevelt's biography. My reading time is at night when I am putting my sweet crumb to bed. She likes me to be with her while she drifts off to dream land. Then I work, and then I finish a few more chapters before closing my eyes and dancing in dream land.

  2. Not reading anything these days but blogs, but I need to dedicate time as well. I've heard wonderful things about The Help. That's next on my list of reads! Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. I am reading short stories from American Women in Literature - great ones!

  4. I too, need to set aside some time for books. Not reading anything at the moment which is odd for me. Like the first commenter, I read The Help over the summer, enjoyed it so much that I devoured it in two days! I need another one as good as that one.

  5. I try to read every day, I carry my book in my bag.
    "nose in the books" is a motto to live by.
    We finally have our book for book group -
    I will e-mail you a list.....

  6. Never enough time for reading! Just finished The Help and I highly suggest you obtain it and dive right in.
    ~ Michelle

  7. I don't do it often, but I do enjoy going to the library being surrounded by all the books and knowledge. xo

  8. I'm reading The Brightest Star by Marian Keyes. I usually read before bed.

  9. Isn't it funny how fast the clock moves when one is in a library?! I can easily lose an entire afternoon.

    I'm reading Wolf Hall and enjoying it very much. I usually read at bedtime.... and frequently when dinner is in the oven!

  10. On Sunday I picked up a used copy of Wendy Wasserstein's book of short stories entitled Shiksa Goddess. She was such a funny and witty writer and this book contains smart urban tales. I just finished a book of David Sedaris' short stories (Me Talk Pretty One Day).

    I have on order Cheerful Money by Tad Friend. Looking forward to getting that book.. xoxo

  11. Am half way thru' Teddy Kennedy's autobiography - fascinating!
    Millie ^_^


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