Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank you~

Thank you so much for the comments and emails regarding my DH's knee surgery.
He is up and putting full weight on his leg now. He did look quite dashing for the two days that he used the old wooden cane.
I do think he will be returning to work today.
So we are no worse for the wear... but I'm glad that things are getting back to 'normal'.
Thanks again~ you are all so sweet.
Bridal Connection


  1. I'm so glad that he is doing well!

  2. Will you be hanging up your cute nurse uniform?
    What uniform is on for today?
    Glad the Mr.Life-scapes is back to living and walking.

  3. Glad your husband is up and about! Now you can get your schedule back! xoxo

  4. Very happy to hear your nursing capabilities are still in good order. Now that you are back to the everyday, enjoy every minute! :)

  5. Happy to read Debra your husband is recovering well. Always good to get back to our routines, as much as they do get tedious at times. All the best to you both ~ Deb

  6. OOhh, Debra YOU are the sweetest! For asking me if one can buy those Stroopwafels in the States. The answer would be: No. It's a typical Dutch thing and only available in Holland. I just need to drive back home and bring some back home. I might send you some if you want? Be patient though...I'm not going to Holland any time soon.
    I'm happy your husband is doing well. Love, Carmie.

  7. Your DH is very blessed to have such a nurturing wife! So glad he is back feeling better. xx


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