Friday, February 19, 2010

Sex and The City, chocolate and Lent...


Remember in the Sex and the City movie, when the girls all go on 'the honeymoon' with
Carrie? Of course you remember, what am I thinking here?
Charlotte wouldn't eat any of the food because after all... it was Mexico.
{her words, not mine}
And she didn't want to risk~ well, you know, an 'upset' of sorts.
All she ate the whole trip was pudding, packaged in Poughkeepsie.
Then with one tiny swallow in the infamous shower scene all was- well, lost!
Well, I must confess... I felt the same way yesterday. I was baking my second of three desserts to be prepared this week when my pinkie swept right down the side of the mixing bowl to avoid a drip and I stuck it in my mouth.
Now it's barely 24 hours into the Lenten season and I have decided to give up sugar!
If you didn't mean to eat the drizzle of chocolate, does it count?

Bad, evil, sweet, chocolate...

Bless me Father for I have sinned.
Or have I?

I'm going to leave this one up to you, my sweet bloggy-buddies.



  1. This is the reason that I never could or would be able to resist the temptation. I do hope you prayed the Rosemary.
    Good luck with this sweet and low moment. 38 days to go.

  2. You are forgiven if you send me some chocolates to eat after lent and also say the rosary every night before bedtime!

  3. "We" all know you didn't mean to do that. It was unintentional, and I think that is what matters most.

  4. You are forgiven after all it was just a dip! I would not be able to make desserts the temptation is to great. Have a wonderful weekend now go say 3 hail Marys.

  5. I had a good laugh, remember flip and his "the devil made me do it!" line.....that darn devil....just messes it all up!

  6. The thought of giving up chocolate, AND then preparing desserts...its all too much. But, all your good intentions...and there were so many, they surely count for something, if not everything.

  7. You are so funny! Sister Mary Alice would say that it was a venial sin, so don't worry about it. Sugar is a day at a time (or sometimes a dessert at a time) Lent or not. :)

  8. Ha! You are forgiven. Now that you confessed I can confess my sin of doing the same when I made brownies for the twins. That taste was delish too. I then quickly put the spoon and bowl in hot water. Sugar is so hard.

  9. Oh you funny girl :) No, you haven't sinned, darling. The amount of reflection on this "oops" is exactly what Lent is about, though, you have to admit!


  10. You are a very strong woman to give up such an indulgence!

    Good luck SWEET friend!

  11. All is forgiven my Daughter - now 50 Hail Mary's for you!
    Millie ^_^

  12. Congrats you've won an award on my blog today.

  13. No harm done! And those chocolate crosses look amazing!! xoxo


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