Thursday, April 29, 2010

10th Photo

~Please... Take Your Seat!~

Jeanne over at Collage of Life has tagged me to show my 10th Photo!
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~10th Photo~

The date of this post was January 23, 2009. My husband and I had just returned from Barack Obama's Inauguration in Washington.
It was cold out-very cold! We had been escorted to our seats and were settling in for the history-making event.
When the entrances were made and the swearing-in repeated, we were looking forward to having a great view of our new President giving his Inaugural address...
Just then a 'gentleman' stood so he could get a better view. His stance didn't really take away from our view, but it was mildly annoying.
Unfortunately the teleprompter interfered with our good view {if you look very closely you can see Mr. President's red tie just below the screen}.
Still, it was an amazing day, an amazing weekend. One that we won't forget.
The person being tagged must post the 10th photo that they personally took and posted on their blog.
Now I must tag 6 friends and ask that they please share this with us... pretty please!
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*Thank you Ladies*

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  1. Wow. That is amazing. You are so lucky to have been at the inauguration. Pity about that bullet proof glass!!

    The closest I have come to the US President is a tin of Barack Obama mints a friend brought me from a trip to the States.


  2. Deb..what a fantastic photo and experience! I think the person standing adds more interest. His build, the hat, the fact that he is above all the have to wonder what he looks like. Just knowing that you were that close and a part of it all is even more exciting.

    This was a fun experience, don't you agree? To go back to the beginning in a trip down memory lane.

    Thanks for your kind words. Left a message at B-Well last night...lots of steps for the day (18,000) but then there was the most delicious and beautiful lemon tart screaming out to me from the menu. I was in an italian why not! Back to the count this morning...

    Have a great day!!


  3. Wow how amazing to be there and witness such a historical event . Cool shot none the same. I played along thanks for the invite. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  4. Last week's sermon had to do with following our shepherd, listening and hearing his voice. There is so much distraction all around us, clamoring for our attention, this photo puts it all in perspective. I hope one day we can live in a world without walls, security and wars and follow our leader.
    We are just here to love and to serve, right?

  5. You had SEATS @ the Inauguration! What a moment in time/history that was... My husband took our then 11 year old daughter with the thought that hopefully someday she would be able to tell her grandchildren - they were standing quite far away, but had a clear view. Thanks for sharing & I am definately going to visit Collage of Life & the B-Well Report.
    Warm regards,

  6. Deb, I do remember this moment a time that will live forever in your heart. I do like the gent standing above the crowd. Thank you my friend for including me in this- I will try to do a post before work today if not tomorrow. Enjoy! xo

  7. I recall the day being bitterly cold too (while watching from the comfort of my toasty house)... what a fantastic event and to be able to participate!!! Just awesome, Debra!! xoxo

  8. This is so cool and what an experience. Thanks for sharing and giving me the new tag.

  9. Amazing that you were actually there Debra...great shot even if that person did get in the way! xv

  10. What a fab photo Deb - I fear my 10th will be an unflattering pic of MOTH up a ladder with his torn shorts, filthy T-shirt & bald spot shining in the flash! Lovely memories of that most special of days - not just for you guys but for the global community.
    Millie ^_^

  11. Such an honor Debra!! Great image, I have missed you and am thinking of you so much!!

    Art by Karena

  12. A great moment. We watched it on the telly. You were so close. We were so far!

    I hope you get in some decent rest and recreation this weekend. B-Well!

  13. How fantastic to have been there Debra, and so close. Must have been a very exciting and emotional day.


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