Wednesday, April 21, 2010

B-Well Report

The lovely Jeanne from Collage of Life has invited all bloggers to join the B-Well Report. It's not only the title of her new blog, but a group that has formed to encourage and motivate health and wellness. I have been a follower and huge fan of Jeanne's blog~ Collage of Life for some time.

And just when we can all use a bit of a nudge- Jeanne has come up with this stellar idea of the B-Well Report {Blogger Wellness}. Read more here!

This fits in perfectly with Sande's {A Gift Wrapped Life} cycling challenge, which I posted about in my reent entry.

Somehow, making myself accountable to others has always worked for me. I have already received numerous emails from the other members. Women need other women in sisterhood.
I like being able to admit that I fell off the wagon and got into the chocolate without judgement.

We are responsible for so much-the kingpin of the family. It really is our duty to take care of ourselves and live the healthiest lives we can. So, I invite you to visit the B-Well Report. Maybe this is the gentle nudge to join a great group, share ideas, encourage and motivate into a new season of well-being.

Visit Jeanne's Blogs at Collage of Life and B-Well Report.


  1. Wonderful. I will now know who to report back to when the chocolate devil tempts me, off for a morning walk and later a rapid fire game of tennis and then to hit the drawing board. Another well known illustrator told me how important it is to exercise!

  2. Thanks for this encouragement. I'll go and take a look.

  3. Thanks for another wonderful blog to visit my friend. Did you feel my hugs I sent your way last night?! xo

  4. I've been needing something like this. Thank you.

  5. Deb..
    We are going to be the most fantastic healthy minded people in body and soul this side of the blogosphere!!

    Thanks for the post :) :)

    B-well my friend....oohh that sounds good, we will have to remember that one!


  6. I am really interested in this B-Well initiative. I need to sit down and have a good read about it - hopefully this evening. Collage of Life is a lovely blog, and its great to discover your's too via Spain Daily. I shall pop back to read more.

  7. Bend... and stretch. Hope your regime is going well. xx


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