Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working Weekend and a Happy Birthday~

This is a working weekend here. We awoke to a bit of snow this morning, but it quickly melted away. After a few errands and preparing a pot of soup- it was back to work for me!

It's a perfect weekend to finish a couple of illustrations and stay close to home.
Now tell me~ what are you up to this weekend?
Happy Birthday to the very charming Mel at Reverie Daydream.
Happy Birthday darling- I do hope this day will be filled with special moments for you, McDreamy and little Crumb.

Save a cupcake and a glass of bubbly for me, won't you?

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  1. We woke up to a frreezing house, no heat, so we are working on that, a fire has been lit, I am making waffles for the kiddo's and have some work for tonight after soccer games are played!
    Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday to Mel~

  2. So you finally got a bit of snow! Our recent snow has mostly melted, and we are back to melting the rest of the snow from the winter. Still much melting to be done! For me, on Sunday morning it is doubles tennis with my group (4 courts of players), coffee & bagels after that, a dash to the office (maybe) and hopefully a nice long walk with the dogs. I will make a pork tenderloin for dinner, then watch Amazing Race and the end of Celebrity Apprentice. TA DA!!!! xoxo

  3. Don't work too hard Debra! Nothing too exciting happening here this weekend, just catching up on some housework, roast chicken and some relaxing in front of the box.

  4. Pretty day here North of 25A. Papers to write - ugh! - house work, laundry, food shopping... And so it goes! Happy Sunday to you,

  5. Happy Sunday and working weekend to you and Happy Birthday to Mel! Busy here with the kids as usual and Birthday weekend for the hubby.

  6. Visting my parents, and cleaning up the house a bit and Im gonna make a yummy soup for dinner. It was a good weekend.

  7. I love what I saw of this wonderful illustration!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Mel!


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