Friday, April 30, 2010

What to do~

~ Roll-of-the-dice ~

I'm putting my OCD tendencies to good use this week.
I'm doing my spring-purge!
So far, I have extra space, empty shelves and drawers. That will give you some idea of the amount of
'stuff' that I have tossed, donated or given away.
By this afternoon I will want to roll the dice and hope that it falls somewhere between

Have a hot bath and Cup of tea.
Happy Friday

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  1. Seems like you've been quite productive. That cup of tea should taste very good!

  2. I would like to roll the dice with you too. Another full day for me and this weekend. I don't mind when I'm busy, but when it cuts into my blog visits- I want to get a little ornery. The kind when I don't get my first cup of coffee/tea in the morning kind. Smile...
    Have a golden weekend my friend. xo

  3. Do both!! Actually, I vote for all of the above. A B-Well girl deserves the very best TLC :)
    Thinking there is a lot of good feng shui happening over at your place right now!
    Have a great weekend Deb!!


  4. Purging always feels good. I have a pile of things to donate started in one of our spare bedrooms. As soon as it grows a bit more I will take it to the ASPCA donation store. I am ready to purge more. Neighbor Joan's impending home sale and move is inspiring me to get rid of stuff I would not want to take with me if I were to move. She is actually going to leave quite a bit of stuff in her home. She is going to downsize to 800 square feet!!! xoxo

  5. Hi Debra,
    For me it will be a cup of tea please. It's that time of year when the garden needs so much attention to pull it into shape for the summer that I need tea all day long and a hot bath in the evening to take away the aches!
    Thank you for commenting on my generation post, I'd love to see a picture of your Dad fishing with your son. Happy memories.
    Have a great weekend

  6. Oh, Debra, I guess I will use your dice for a bit of weekend fun!
    Enjoy your choices!
    Love the idea of a good spring cleaning with rewards attached!

    Have a well deserved weekend!


  7. I really, really need to get cracking with this! My dice would have to say get to work already...on ALL sides!

  8. I love that dice, does one side say "draw now?"
    I'd like that.


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