Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Art of eating~


I am apt to tell you on any given day that artichokes would be my favorite vegetable... or a fresh garden tomato... or roasted eggplant... or haricots verts with a tiny bit of garlic.

I do love all vegetables and especially artichokes. I have been eating one nearly every day for a couple of weeks. They are so good, so good for you and really, I could eat an entire meal of steamed artichokes with my lemon-Rosemary butter. No, you're right-not figure friendly, but honestly as much as I adore them, I only have them during the spring when they are at their best. Although, I have been known to pick up a couple of seriously poor impostors during the winter months. I have no idea where they are shipped from or how long they may have been in transit.


Plan ahead- Trim the tips of the artichoke leaves and steam approximately 45 minutes-depending on their size. Test by loosening a leaf and tasting.


For two large Artichokes:

Melt a half stick of butter {please use the real thing} salted!

with the juice of half a lemon

and chopped Rosemary leaves-about half a teaspoon.


Dip the leaves in the butter and enjoy. Then remove and toss the 'hairy' outer heart and cut-up the inner heart into the remaining butter.

This is sublimly known as euphoria around these parts!

my own


  1. Seriously Debra, my mouth is watering! I love artichokes!

    We had a little gathering this weekend (a potluck if you will) and my friend made roasted baby artichokes with a spring salsa of fava beans, thyme, almonds, lemon juice and parmesan! DIVINE!

  2. Yes a great spring delicacy. I love them too. Even the tinned ones !! xoxo

  3. Debra, you are a woman after my own heart, I adore artichokes, just looking at them makes me feel happy.

  4. I also love artichokes. Your recipe for them is spot on delicious!

  5. I do hope you save an artichoke for me!
    Oh how I adore them too.

  6. I love artichokes too! Yummm... I was just looking at some at the store the other day. xo

  7. I too love artichokes and the best part is getting to the middle--- heaven!!! Glad you are back! xoxo

  8. This makes me want to run straight to the farmer's market.

  9. Im drooling now. My favorite part is the heart. and I will try the rosemary in my butter next time. Sounds yummy. Thank you.


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