Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Lifescape~

I put the finishing touches on a Lifescape, had the prints made and shipped it off to Vancouver.
Lifescapes are full of personal memories... like a little girl's favorite snack of cucumbers ~
"tintoombers" and strawberries~ "strobabies".
This lucky young lady has already traveled the world with her family and on some pretty amazing school trips.

I had the pleasure of painting a Lifescape for her sister when she graduated a few years ago.

I have never met these young ladies, but I know a lot about them and have enjoyed working with their Aunt- who is giving the Lifescape to her special niece.

I now have a short break before I need to get started with a few other Lifescapes- one for a wedding, a 60th Birthday and a retirement.
I'm cleaning out cupboards, drawers and closets. Getting organized for a new season.
The trees have little leaves appearing, the lawns are green, spring flowers are in bloom...
and they are predicting SNOW for the higher elevations here in Maine.
So... how are things in your corner of the world?

My own


  1. Lovely little life vignettes, thank you for sharing with us! Been very busy with work! And stress at work too. Lot of drama and upheaval at the office, going to work reminds me of a reality TV show and that is not including our clients!!! But the air is warm and gentle and I predict our snow will be gone very soon!!! The little children are out playing in the neighborhood and it is nice to see them having fun! xoxo

  2. Oh! i love it...so want you to do one for Katelyn when she graduates in 2 years. Have a wonderful day !

  3. I think I may need to place my order for my graduates now. What a wonderful gift and a memory to have as a daily reminder for living a life of gratitude for all the little things.
    I do hope you take note of "Simplified Bee" - she has a wonderful blog and today she is my "simply queen bee" buzzing about with inspirations for remedies and solutions to restore order and Spring Cleaning.

  4. I love your illustrations, and your hand-writing is very pretty!

  5. A Lifescape is the most amazing and thoughtful gift I have seen in a very long time. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful and full of so much meaning.

  6. Oooh my friend this is so beautiful! These girls are lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt, who listened and watched closely to know their favorite things. Lovely my friend! xo

  7. Now...this is absolutely beautiful! Oh, how I love your style. (Your card is still on my fridge...every morning I have a quick look and I smile. That's what your illustration do to me). So, in short: I Like it a lot, XXX, C.

  8. Deb...now, I do not have to tell you how wonderful these are because you already know how I feel about your work, but just in case you forgot, I love it!!!!

    Now, dear friend..I have tagged you for your 10th photo...more details on my blog..

    Jeanne x


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