Monday, April 19, 2010

A Gift-Wrapped Day

A few weeks ago Sande from A Gift Wrapped Life set up a cycling challenge for anyone with a bike-open to any and all that wanted to shape-up a bit for summer. Sande cycled every day and lost inches. She changed little else in her busy life-but she committed to cycling every day! Every day ladies. That's a commitment.

For years I went to the gym at 5:00 a.m.- five mornings a week. When you set to challenge yourself the outcome can be amazing.

Please... visit Sande's blog if you haven't. This lady knows her way around sheets of delicious paper and ribbons.
Sande gives to us- simply...

Think about it. Do you have a bike in your basement that may be collecting dust? Why not dust off the cobwebs and get out there.

The fresh air alone can work wonders.

~Visit Sande's Gift-Wrapped blog~

It's a whole new week.
And did I mention that Sande is holding a fabulous giveaway?
Go Now!

Photo Courtesy of A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Debra - thank you for telling us. I will ride right over there. I spin bike five days a week. It's not the same as enjoying the fresh air and surroundings, but it certainly is biking.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. My Aunt is also cycling and she is fighting cancer too! She tells me that the cycling is helping her and she is gorgeous! Great to cycle every day-
    We have a lot of hills, but I do have a bike, so I will join you!

  3. Many years ago I sold my bike after one try up the big hill to get out of our neighborhood and a good bruised knee. Smile... I do miss it and have thought often of getting another one to DRIVE over to the forest preserve. I do love walking and will be leaving here shortly. I do visit Sande's blog time to time. Her wrapping is a gift in itself. Enjoy my friend. xo

    PS I hope it wasn't all work this weekend.

  4. ugh, I need all the motivation I can get to exercise...and then some! Off to visit A Gift Wrapped blog...thanks!

  5. That's a great challenge and a good time of year to do it.

  6. I had signed up but alas could not get my sorry self to the gym for the stationary bike! Too many dogs to walk, but that is probably good too!! xoxo

  7. I'm determined to find myself a cruiser for next summer, or maybe even this fall :)

  8. All right, I'm heading over there now!
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