Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My-My-My Macarons~

Don't you love that sound when the mailman drives into your driveway and toots his little horn for you to come out?
That happened late last week. My husband was working from home that afternoon and he delivered this nice box to me while I was reading in the bedroom.

A pretty red Vanille box with my name written all over it!
I am pretty familiar with Italian cookies~ but these little pretties are decidedly French and I have never had a MACARON!!!
I am a lover of anything that resembles meringue and pavlova.
Macarons, with their delicate "meringue-ie" cookie, filled with butter creme were all that I had dreamt that they would be. And having given up sugar for Lent...I was ready to indulge!
~My Macarons~
This lovely, caring and thoughtful lady was solely responsible for my first Macaron experience.
Joyce is one of those people that picks up on small things and tucks them away.
She nurtures her friends and family.
Anyone that visits my blog has certainly visited A Perfect Beginning.
And if by chance you haven't- please do so now!
Her kind words, brilliant photography and wishes for golden days will have you returning again and again.
Thank you my friend.
They were amazing and that much sweeter because they came from you.

My own


  1. Joyce is a sweetheart, and so are you. Enjoy your first encounter with a delicate macaroon. You'll forever be in love. :)

  2. hello Debra, hope you had a lovely Easter, what a lovely gift to receive, I am sure you enjoyed your macaroons, I don't really like them, I have not got much of a sweet tooth, which is a shame because they are so pretty. I will definitely be checking out Joyce's blog.

  3. We must go visit Joyce wearing "maid" uniforms and speaking french!
    She really is the sweetest!

  4. Thanks for your comment !
    My books are only in french, but there are more drawings than text !

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed them my friend. You are the sweetest macaroon of them all. I love the yellow with the tint of red around very cool.
    How fun to have you and PVE come ringing my doorbell in your cute little uninforms. I'm afraid not much cleaning would get done because we would be too busy chatting. xo

  6. Oh! My my macarons is that what you said to your hubby when he asked for one! Hee hee! Joyce is a gem but so are you. Enjoy your treats, I'm gonna look for some on Friday when I land in Paris.

  7. They look so pretty! What a treat for your reading break. Speaking of reading, Making Toast was very well reviewed in the Sunday NY Times Book Review. Isn't Joyce just an amazing, special lady? xoxoxo

  8. Joyce is a marvel, what a truly lovely friend. Loved your comments over @ Jeanne's blog yesterday Debra, that's why we all love you.
    Millie ^_^

  9. I love macarons! I have a cousin who makes the best ones, he worked as a baking chef at payard in NYC. Hope you enjoyed your Easter.

  10. That Joyce is amazing! I discovered her thru you on her Birthday, I believe, and have been an avid reader ever since. Enjoy your delicious treats!

  11. What a thrill, they look divine! I need to find out more :) And you're right, Joyce is the sweetest!

  12. Oh-la-la! I remember when pve received a special delivery and posted on the delicious macaroon treats! I made it a special quest to check these lovelies out as I live in the area, and they are yu-ummy!
    You deserve these sweet treats Debra! Take care, and please take a divine little bite for me!


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