Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colors of Spring~

While working on this wide border for a playhouse painting, it reminded me of the colors of spring. The bright greens of the budding trees and new grass. The violets and periwinkle blues of those first Hyacinths with their rich, heady scent.

While we will have several more weeks of winter here- a visit to my local garden center may be just what I need to bring a little spring color inside. Perhaps a pot of happy-faced, sunshine daffodils or maybe a few brightly colored, sweet scented Primrose. There may be Freesia, with their gentle, spicy fragrance. There will certainly be small pots of Shamrocks~ A bit of Luck o' the Irish for upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

A pot of something flowering can add a little sunshine and some sweet scent to your home-especially at the tail end of winter. I'm off to the garden center! How will you bring a little spring into your home? Posted by Picasa


  1. The forsythia branches will coming inside and forced to show me their brilliant selves. I adore that vivid yellow!

  2. Oh I forgot about forsythia~yes that would certainly add some sunshine. And pussywillows-those are an early sign of spring too!
    I hope you have a sunny day~

  3. Beautiful border, Deb! I hope your thaw is slow in Maine - that just looks like a flood waiting to happen. To bring Spring in? I like to cut Pussy Willow branches and put them in giant fish vases on the mantle.

  4. We're famous for floods! Knock wood-we have never had a problem right here.
    I love pussywillows- gives me an idea for a little sketch. Thank you R~

  5. Deb- all of my favorite colors on this painting, very pretty!

    I purchased a some carnations the other day to add a splash of color.

    I hope your day is a golden one my friend!

  6. Beautiful illustration! We awoke this morning to unexpected snow!! I think I'll buy some daffodils at the market this weekend to bring some spring inside.

  7. Beautiful Debra. I am doing another in the series of calla lillies. I may see about doing prints of one of them, and also offer one for my next Giveaway. Stay tuned!

  8. Very pretty, Debra! I would love to hear your quotes and am working on getting the photo for you - sorry for the delay, my sis is here visiting.

  9. Joyce~ Even a small bouquet can bring so much "Joy"~ wouldn't you agree?

    Lecia~ SNOW~ I hope you and the boys are able to get out a play in it.

    Karena~ I love Calla Lilies~ your's will be gorgeous I know.

    Anne~ I will send yo some that are among my favorites. Have a great sister visit.


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