Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

First Home~Lifescapes

This is the first stage of an illustration for a young couple that recently purchased their first home. There will be a family tree added to the landscape along with a peek into their life together~ favorite places and activities, memorable vacations, their professions and special moments leading up to their wedding day and since. I will post bits and pieces of their Lifescapes when it is completed.

Working on this, started me thinking about my first home. The hopes, the changes in order to make it our own, the decorating, the gardens I would have. A first home or a new home bring on so many dreams for the future~the family you may raise, the pets you'll adopt, how you will decorate for the holidays. Do you remember your hopes for a first or a new home? I'd love to hear about your process of making it your own Home Sweet Home.


  1. What a wonderful concept, Debra. The couple who receives this will be so lucky!

  2. Anne~ Thank you! They are a very cute and hardworking couple- and such a sweet first home.

  3. Just a lovely piece of your fine work Debra! My first house was with Husband #1, in Wellington New Zealand. He had bought it a number of years before & so it was much to his taste. I never felt at home there, a visitor really, as he really didn't let me add my own touches to it. Mind you I was only 19 & my decorating skills were non-existent anyway! I was desperately homesick for Australia so came back after a year. Subsequent houses have been much nicer & I've been much happier with the gorgeous MOTH Husband #2!!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Millie~ A house has to be a home- and you have found yours with MOTH. Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Does living in our "first" home still count. I never thought that we would still be here in our what we coined our "starter" home. I think to make a house a home, it needs a lot a livin. My parents live in the home I was raised in and the many imperfections are just perfect to them, like the scratches on the door from our family dog - my Dad loves to say, we'd have to pay a lot a years to get that door to look like that whenever anyone wants to change it. They always say it is the little things that add up to big things. Wonderful work by the way - lucky first home.

  6. Can't wait to see more of this lucky couples Lifescape - beautiful so far! My first home - I bought a 1911 4-square with 5 bedrooms that needed every square inch re-modeled. It was just me and my little boy living there and we loved it! Lots of leaded glass windows and rainbows.

  7. This will be a wonderful piece of art to hang on this couple's wall. Their new home will hold many memories. Deb this looks beautiful as is- I can't wait to see the finish piece.

    Our first home together was a condo. I miss the view of our backyard. This is our first home and will be until we can't make it up the drive and stairs. Our home is nothing fancy and always a work in progress, but it doesn't stop me from opening my door to welcome my family and friends in and make our home their home. There is no "don't touch" items out and I like everyone to be comfortable- I usually have food, food and more food so no one goes home hungry.
    Have a golden day! xoxo

  8. PVE~ I love hearing about your Mother and Father. They are such role models.
    Today is a special day for you and I know that you have made a loving home for your family.
    Enjoy the whole day in celebration.

  9. R~ I can only imagine how beautiful that first home must have been- with your gorgeous stained glass all round- and who doesn't love...and need a rainbow?

  10. Joyce~ Any place with you there would be home. It sounds like you have a real nice-"come in and sit a spell" feel to your home.
    Those are the best- just like you!

  11. I love the first lines of an illustration. So beautiful. Family makes a house a home. Photos. Comfy sheets. Your favorite mug. Ours is still a work in progress.

  12. I love that Kwana~ comfy sheets, favorite mug.
    I bet your home is warm and inviting. Makes me want to crawl into bed with a mug of something warm- snow's coming!!!


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