Thursday, February 19, 2009

Studio Space~

Studio space...

I have been longing for a space to call my own. I room where I can have my art books, files, supplies, portfolios, my computer- you get the picture.
Right now I have a corner! We do have some plans to improve on this situation, but time will tell.

During each trip to the south shore I walk by this little building. In eight years I have never seen anyone there. No one to wash her windows in the spring. No one to fill the little boat window box. No one to spruce her up and give her the love she deserves. Out of view, but over the door there is a sign that reads~ "Studio". Hmmm. I've never seen an artist there. Perhaps she comes to work when I'm not around. When I peek in the windows during my visits, nothing has been moved, no jelly jar filled with wildflowers, no remnants of a recent fire in the tiny wood stove. Nothing hangs on her walls, there are no scatter rugs on her worn floorboards.
Someone must have loved her at one time. Someone must have looked forward to a quick weekend get-away. Someone must be paying the taxes on her.
I have long dreamt of owning this little studio. I have fantasized about sleeping in a hammock, opening the windows to let in the sea breeze, to endless days of sketching.
But for now, I will be glad that I have my little corner~ you don't really need a special room or building to dream.
If I should ever see a 'For Sale' sign, I would have to inquire~ but fear the taxes alone would put an abrupt end to this daydream.

Do you have a special space where you can work quietly, read, write or just be alone with your thoughts and daydreams~ I would love to hear.

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  1. Debra, I have a corner of my den/office (very small) When weather is nice in KC's other seasons I paint out on the deck. I also have the oppportunity to go to ARTichoks gallery to paint, which I like to do when working in oils and larger canvases. I hope you check out the little studio , maybe ask a realtor to check the tax records?

  2. You have some location options which is wonderful- a new perspective! This little studio has been such a constant in the back of my mind- maybe I should get more information and then put it to rest!
    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. What an adorable little spot! I am lucky enough to have an office, at the back of the house with nice views of the trees...but we will be moving soon...uh oh.

  4. I hope that your new place will have a special spot for you. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. That would make such a fabulous studio for you! Keep putting out in the universe the belief that the studio will be yours, and it will be. Probably for free. Yes. Yours. Free. What color will you paint it?

  6. When I designed my home I made sure I had a studio... it is very small... but it is MY space to create... I LOVE it! I also love to create outdoors and TODAY I sit here typing will sitting in my garden filled with sunshine... it is pure HEAVEN!

  7. Oh Deb, I just got home and popped over before a friend comes over. I LOVE, LOVE this little lady!!

    I hope you find time to look into finding out the story on her. How far would she be from your home?

    I can see it all now... the windows are open, a hammock in the corner, with you in it and a big floppy straw hat resting on your chest a book or sketch book in your hand and by your side a small table holding a tall slender glass frosty on the outside from the cold fresh lemonade inside and the sea breeze blowing soft kisses lightly touching the wind chime as she makes her way through the open windows, lightly filling the room with fresh summer air...

    OK I better get back to reality and get dinner going.

    Enjoy my friend and please keep us posted.

  8. R~ I may just have to check into it when I go back... I have a feeling the seaside taxes would be out of sight!

  9. Fifi~ Your spot sounds perfect. I have a space all planned out for the future. I think a room to call our own is key. Thank you for stopping by.

  10. Joyce~ I love your vision. Are you cooking something special-I bet you are. Do tell.

  11. What a little treasure Debra - I can understand why it's got your thoughts whizzing around. No special spot for me at the moment - just as I get settled into one room, I need to move out so MOTH can renovate it. So I feel like a gypsy - without the cute caravan!
    Millie ^_^

  12. Millie~ Ahh... but when MOTH renovates a spot for you~ what a spot it will be! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Oh, you should certainly inquire about this little spot. It would make a lovely studio, I should think. But I do understand about the property taxes.

    My office is in my home. In addition to my desk, it has a large wall of bookcases,two very comfortable reading chairs - one of which is tufted and the perfect escape hatch - a large antique octagonal table in the center of the room for laying out fabric samples and for wrapping gifts, and of course, a large dog bed covered in tartan for Edward or Apple to nap upon. I actually really love coming to work!

  14. What a dream of a room to call your own Pamela.
    My pups are always nearby- to give a wink of approval- or a nudge for a little jaunt outside.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I could work anywhere. I travel with my supplies at hand but to have a little studio or hide-away would be lovely. I hope it is yours one day.

  16. Absolutely dreamy - I long to have a studio that inspires me daily. Yours looks like it will do just that for you.

  17. This place looks so charming, Debra! Yes, my studio/room is where I can be all alone with my work. I love it!

  18. If my den/ office at home was just say an additional even 6 x 6 feet that corner would work well. As a Painter I feel uneasy at times having tarps laid over the carpet and area rug so that I can do my thing! It can get a little messy as all artists know!

  19. Gina~ I will never own this- but it's sweet and I like to imagine it.

    Anne~ I would love to see your space...along with that front door!!!

    Karena~ I think we all just adjust to what we have for space, don't you? I do enjoy my corner and thankfully watercolor and pens don't take up too much space.


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